Precision for Every Job.

To achieve the highest level of accuracy for finish grading, you can augment your grade control system with laser technology. Laser grade control can achieve tolerances as fine as 1.5 mm for flat, sloped or even dual-slope grading applications.

When integrated with the machine’s controls these systems can control blade movement automatically or provide visual direction to the operator for raising, lowering and tilting the blade. As a result, even inexperienced operators can achieve excellent results.

Not only do these systems enable you to achieve more accurate grades in less time, they simplify the job. It is no longer necessary to have two or three workers on the ground handling stakes. Once the system is set up, one operator on a machine can perform all the work without assistance.

A two-mast system is the best way to achieve consistent accurate results, because the both corners of the blade are directly measured. However, two models of the Apache laser receivers also feature plumb indication and angle compensation.