Power Service

Caterpillar products are a combination of advanced engineering, skilled manufacturing, and the finest materials metallurgical science can select. Thousands of satisfying, economical working hours are built into each engine.


Whether or not the owner derives the maximum of service from their engine, depends largely on the care exercised in its operation and maintenance. Caterpillar operation and maintenance manuals provide essential information regarding the day-to-day operation, lubrication, and adjustment of the machine. Careful adherence to these instructions will result in assured economy.

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Valve AdjustmentMany Caterpillar owners depend upon the expertise of their dealer for service. This practice is recommended because Caterpillar dealers have stocks of genuine Caterpillar parts and are equipped with tools designed and built by Caterpillar. Altorfer technicians are factory-trained and are kept closely informed by the factory regarding advanced methods of servicing Caterpillar products – thus, in all ways they are equipped to render the best possible service. Additionally, Altorfer offers custom long term maintenance agreements to complement your overall maintenance strategy.

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Altorfer has state of the art facilities with top of the line equipment to perform repairs and services beyond the scope of normal maintenance.  Our engine shops are capable of providing a quick turnaround on high quality major overhauls to suit your needs. Altorfer’s electrical testing services help take care of other equipment beyond your engine-generator, such as transfer switches, switchgear, and other control devices.