February 14, 2019

Cat Filters vs. Competition

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Quick Tip Video: Cat Filters Versus Competition

Since 1925, Caterpillar® equipment has been the benchmark for strong, reliable machinery that gets the job done — even under the most challenging conditions. And along with world-class heavy, general and compact equipment, Cat® parts display the same trustworthiness and excellence of design. Put them together, and you have a piece of equipment that’s far more likely to outlast and outperform the competition.

For these reasons, the choice to make Cat filters a regular part of servicing your Cat equipment is one of the smartest preventative maintenance decisions you can make. In this quick tip video, a representative from Caterpillar explains how Cat filters stack up against the competition.



Hi, my name’s Colin and I’m here today to tell you why Cat filters are better for you.

Cat filters are better because there’s no flexing, no bunching, no metal contamination and no gaps.

No flexing

Spiral roving eliminates pleat movements and keeps contaminants from working their way into the clean side of the filter.

Testing shows filters with a spiral roving have 45% lower particle counts than others.

Other brands often flex as fluid travels through them, releasing contaminants that can cause wear.

No Bunching

Acrylic beads rigidly maintain pleat spacing and maximize the filters surface area, capturing and holding contaminants until the required change interval.

Pleat bunching is common in other brands, allowing contaminants to circulate causing clogging and shorten filter life.

No Metal Contamination

Fiberglass reinforced nylon center tubes eliminate metal contamination and are 30% stronger than metal tubes, helping prevent collapse during pressure spikes and cold starts.

In other brands, metal center tubes often carry metal contaminants left over from manufacturing which can cause wear.

No Gaps

Molded end caps completely seal the clean side from the dirty side, eliminating gaps and keeping contaminants where they belong.

Other brands have metal end caps glued on top of filter plates creating gaps that allow contaminants to re-enter from the clean side.

Other brands may fit, but Cat filters protect your engine, drive train, hydraulic system and components better.

Our advanced design delivers maximum filtration efficiency and protection for your machine.

For you, that means more uptime and lower owning and operating costs.

So remember, protect your Cat equipment with Cat filters.

That was today’s quick tip, thanks for watching.


The Benefits of Using Cat Filters in All Your Cat Machines

This video may serve as an introduction for new operators or as part of a refresher for experienced personnel. It reviews the benefits of using authentic Cat filters to protect your equipment’s engines, drive trains, hydraulic systems and other major components with greater results than the competition can deliver.

Demonstrating their superior construction and design, the video shows how Cat filters deliver better filtration results by not allowing bunching, flexing or gaps to occur that can result in contaminants entering a protected system. Where competitors’ products often use metal for their center tubes, which can result in contamination, Cat filters — made with fiberglass-reinforced center tubes — are cleaner and 30 percent stronger.

What’s more, Cat filters with molded end caps prevent contaminants from re-entering the clean side of the filter. This benefit alone not only lengthens the life of the filter but also increases the lifespan of the equipment it’s designed to protect.

How to Purchase Genuine Cat Parts

As the video demonstrates, using genuine Cat parts is the only way to get the most out of your investment in Cat equipment. And at Altorfer CAT, our parts department appreciates that when you need a part, you don’t want to wait. That’s why we offer fast, reliable parts service across our
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Altorfer Cat: Your One-Stop Caterpillar Dealership

Of course, even world-class Cat equipment needs maintenance to keep it running reliably. That’s why we proudly offer Altorfer Equipment Management Solutions — EMSolutions — to provide you with a comprehensive maintenance and repair plan for your entire fleet. With the newest tools such as VisionLinkTM and ProductLinkTM, you can track your fleet’s performance in real-time and be alerted to major issues before they become problems. That way, you can take preventative measures before equipment failures occur, minimize the risk of breakdowns and reduce costly and avoidable repairs.

At Altorfer CAT, we’ve been serving the equipment needs of companies just like yours for over 60 years. We make it our job to supply each of our customers with top-notch sales, service, parts and repairs. Experience the Altorfer CAT difference — contact us or call 800-333-5993 today!