APS60 Documents


Package Specification Sheet

Trailer Specification


EMCP 4.2 Quick Start Guide

QuickFit Installation Guide


 CARB Certification

USA EPA Certification


Static Electricity Warning

Circuit Breaker Information

Caterpillar Documents

60 kW ElectroPak (TP01782E1)

Engine Specification (1204E-E44TAG1 EpaK PN1988)

Engine Specification (1204E-E44TTAG2 EpaK PN1999)

EMCP 4.2 Application Guide (LEBE0006)

Engine Specification Manual (TPD1752)

Engine Application and Installation Guide (LEBH0007-01)

Engine Application and Installation Manual (TPD1724E)

Engine Application and Installation Test Procedures (TPD1746E10)

Engine Electrical and Electronic Application and Installation Guide (TPD1726E1)

Engine Electronics Application and Installation Guide (LEBH0005-01)

Engine Operation and Maintenance Manual (SEBU8606)

Engine Systems Operation Testing and Adjusting (KEN9119)

Integrated Voltage Regulator (IVR) Implementation Guide

Generator Manual With Parts Detail (LC2000-3000) Rev 01