Used Dozers

Used Dozers for Sale

Cat dozers come in a wide range of sizes, from small, agile small dozers to large dozers used by mining, forestry and off-road construction sites. Despite their size differences, the Cat used dozers for sale at Altorfer Cat provide the same levels of quality, performance and reliability. Contact Us

Why Consider Used Dozers?

For sale at Altorfer Cat, Cat used dozers have significant advantages over wheeled options. Tracked undercarriage allow tractors to move across rough terrain which would mire down wheeled machines. Tracks spread the vehicle weight over a wider surface area, allowing the tractor to move across mud, soft ground and snow with ease.

Size Matters with Cat Used Dozers

Altorfer Cat offers used dozers for sale in different sizes. Small dozers are ideal for residential areas and cramped construction sites, or for putting the finishing touches on larger projects. Mid-sized dozers provide solutions for construction sites of all sizes. While bulkier than their smaller counterparts, mid-size Cat dozers remain easy to transport, making them a valuable addition to any construction fleet. At the upper end of the size scale are the large dozers and the off-road machines — designed with for the toughest and most grueling environments.

Multiple Accessories and Blade Options

In addition to offering used Cat dozers for sale, Altorfer Cat provides a range of blades, attachments and accessories for any job you can imagine. Our available accessories include blades, buckets, rippers and hydraulic tools. We also offer complete Dozer Parts and Service. Contact Us