2019 CAT CP56B


ID: 4507291
Hours: 328
Location: , IL
Contact: Chase Lang
Unit Number 4507291
Model CP56B
Serial Number P5600661
Year 2019
Hours 328
State IL
Rating As-Is
Certification None
Availability Available
Status Code 4
Status Rental
Guard, Transmission
Blade, Leveling
Cab, Rops/fops With A/c
Certificate Of Origin
Engine, Tier 4f/stage 4
Frequency, Fixed
Installation, Cab
Instructions, Na Cab
Lane 3 Order
Languages, Option 1
Mirrors, Rearview, Internal
Oil, Hydr, Factory Filled
Pack, Domestic Truck
Pad, Round
Product Link, Cellular Pl641
Screen, Standard
Seat Belt, 2"
Seat, Cloth
Sensor, Drive Power
Sun Screen
Sun Visor, Front
Tire, Traction