2014 CAT 279D XPS


ID: 2066868
Hours: 2987
Location: Hammond, IN
Contact: Chase Lang
Unit Number 2066868
Model 279D XPS
Serial Number GTL01483
Year 2014
Hours 2987
City Hammond
State IN
Rating As-Is
Certification None
Availability Available
Status Code 4
Status Rental
Battery,xtra Hvy Duty 1000 Cca
Conversion Arrangement
Display, Advanced, Lcd
Door, Cab, Polycarbonate
Film, Ride Control, Ansi
Heater, Engine Coolant, 120v
Instructions, Ansi, Usa
Instructions, English
Lane 2 Order
Pack, Domestic Truck
Ride Control
Package, Performance, (h3)
Quick Coupler, Electric
Radio, Am/fm, Bluetooth
Return To Dig/wrktl Positioner
Rops, Enclosed With A/c (c3)
Rubber Belt, 2 Spd, Tf Idlers
Seat Belt, 2"
Seat,air Suspension,cloth,heat
Shipping/storage Protection