Undercarriage Track Repair & Service Options

Altorfer offers the widest array of undercarriage services, cost reducing tools and maintenance options designed to help you get the most from your undercarriage. Factory trained technicians know your undercarriage inside and out. And with many cost-reducing services listed below and outstanding parts availability, we’re equipped to serve you better than anybody.

Cat® Track Repair Service Performed by the Best Technicians in the Business

Our undercarriage track repair technicians know Cat® machines almost as well as the engineers who designed them. We also give them the innovative tools and the latest parts they need to perform a wide variety of essential repair and maintenance tasks with speed and efficiency. We’ll help you get the maximum value from your undercarriage and even extend its lifespan.

Our comprehensive menu of undercarriage track repair solutions includes the following:

  • Wet Turns: Maximize system life by giving your bushings a “second life” with new wear surfaces.
  • Pin and Bushing Replacement: This is a cost savings option when compared to new link assemblies, used when pin and bushing turns have not been met.
  • Grease Turns: An alternative to pin and bushing replacement used when the pin and bushings have not met reusability guidelines.
  • Shoe Swapping: This is a service that is affordable when the link assemblies need to be replaced before the track shoes.
  • Link Assembly Repairs: When dry joints occur, Altorfer fixes this by offering full service repairs on all makes and models when sections or links needs replaced.
  • Roller Reshelling: Restores full wear life and saves money over full replacement by only replacing worn roller shells, leaving unworn internal components intact.
  • Roller Swapping: Ensures maximum system life by switching more and less-worn rollers, like a tire rotation on automobiles.
  • Idler Resurfacing: Lengthens wear life by applying new wear material, using a specialized weld processes developed by Caterpillar®.
  • Idler Reshelling-Resealing: More affordable than resurfacing or replacement, we also offer resealing of all undercarriage components if available.
  • Track Shoe Regrousering: Increases shoe life by replacing grouser barstock to the grouser surface and is a significant savings over full shoe replacement.
  • Welding & Cutting Station: This option offers a unique variety of welding and cutting options for your undercarriage needs, whether is welding track shoes to link assemblies (extreme applications) or swing link repairs. We also offer cutting and torching services that can meet all of your needs.

Cat Undercarriage Assurance Programs Provide Additional Protection

Our Cat track repair services also include a choice of assurance programs that extend well beyond factory warranties. They are the most effective way to increase the reliability of your machine’s undercarriage through regular maintenance.

We troubleshoot minor issues before they turn into expensive problems. Four different coverage levels are available and include all major moving undercarriage components. You can enroll in our undercarriage track repair programs simply by contacting your Altorfer parts and services representative.

Our Undercarriage Track Repairs Can Help You Save Time and Money

Undercarriage track repair from Altorfer is just another example of how we can help you minimize costs and maximize productivity. That’s what we’ve been doing for Chicago-area businesses like yours for more than 75 years.