Undercarriage Service Options

Undercarriage Service Options

To help you get the most from your Cat® Undercarriage, Caterpillar and Altorfer remain dedicated to providing you with service and support for all your undercarriage needs, including track rebuilds. We work with you to determine and evaluate your service options, plan your maintenance, and schedule downtime. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions that keep your operating costs as low as possible. Take a look at the different service options Altorfer provides:


Altorfer knows how to help you get the most from your undercarriage investment. 50% of a track-type machine’s owning and operating costs come from its undercarriage, so it make sense to keep it in top condition. Talk to us at Altorfer about inspecting your undercarriage regularly to prevent unscheduled downtime and maximize productivity.

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The key to achieving the lowest cost per hour is undercarriage management. A Cat trained Product Support Sales Rep from Altorfer can provide you with repair solutions that will achieve the lowest owning and operating cost for your undercarriage.

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Assurance Programs

Caterpillar products are built to work hard. Expert system management capabilities make your system last, and fast dependable service will keep you up and running. Our Undercarriage Assurance Program has been expanded to demonstrate our commitment to provide the industry’s lowest cost-per-hour undercarriage systems.

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Pickup & Delivery

Altorfer offers a wide range of options when it comes to getting your undercarriage and its components to the track shop in Oglesby, IL. In most cases this is at no cost to you.

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Parts Availability

Listed below are just a few commonly stocked undercarriage items that can be picked up on the same day at one of our buildings, or dropped off at a conveniently placed drop box location within 24 hours.

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Rebuilt Components

The undercarriage shop offers many rebuilt and used undercarriage components for sale to reduce the costs of operating your equipment.

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