Undercarriage Parts: Tracks

Caterpillar® track shoes are furnace, hardened, and tempered for strength and resistance to bending and breakage. Altorfer’s Undercarriage Shop offers a variety of track shoe options to meet the requirements of your work environment.

Track Options

NEW – General Duty Undercarriage

Cat General Duty Undercarriage was designed specifically for your Cat D6 machines – to help you get just the right balance of performance and value. Designed for use in low-to-moderate – impact applications where the value of Cat Heavy Duty Undercarriage is not fully needed, General Duty rounds out the Cat undercarriage options for medium-size machines.

Note:General Duty Undercarriage is not designed for forestry or waste applications.


Sealed and Lubricated Track

Cat Sealed and Lubricated Track (SALT) seals lubricant into your undercarriage system and keeps abrasives out. It virtually eliminates internal pin and bushing wear to reduce maintenance costs and downtime, while increasing service life and serviceability.

SystemOne Track

Since its inception, Cat SystemOne Undercarriage has been tested in some of the most extreme conditions and toughest environments. SystemOne is an undercarriage system that offers reduced maintenance and increased life. Its patented design eliminates bushing turns and link scalloping. Welded pin ends prevent track joint end play or loosening which can lead to dry joints and accelerated wear. Link roller system delivers up to 50% more life than conventional designs. Reusable sprockets and center tread idlers last up to two undercarriage track lives, saving you in both repair downtime and part replacement costs.

Enhanced SALT Track

Designed specifically for Track Loader models, Cat Enhanced SALT offers better pin and bushing retention for improved sealability and spalling resistance on oval tracks. With its tall link design, Enhanced SALT increases wear life and minimizes operating costs.

Heavy Duty Track

Heavy Duty Track is engineered to match the requirements of medium size machines with an elevated sprocket (D6N, D6T) operating in demanding work environments. Heavy Duty Track features stronger links, pins and bushings that significantly offset the effects of high-impact loads and underfoot conditions. It can extend your undercarriage system life an average of 20% above Cat SALT, with the greatest benefits realized in aggressive, high-impact application such as:

  • Logging/reforestation
  • Side-sloping work
  • Rocky conditions
  • Uneven terrain with wide track shoes (specifically Low Ground Pressure (LGP) machines)

Sleeve Bearing Track

Sleeve Bearing Track (SBT) is a patented product incorporating a hardened steel sleeve bearing positioned in vital areas between the pin and bushing to extend track life. SBT is designed to operate at higher speeds and greater loads, which mean greater production for owners.