Track Shoes

Undercarriage Parts: Track Shoes

Caterpillar® track shoes are furnace, hardened, and tempered for strength and resistance to bending and breakage. Altorfer’s Undercarriage Shop offers a variety of track shoe options to meet the requirements of your work environment.

Track Shoe Options

Moderate Service Shoes (Single-Grouser Shoes)

  • Work best in low to medium abrasion conditions and low to moderate impact conditions
  • All-purpose shoes recommended for any general application
  • Provide good penetration and traction while resisting wear and bending

Center Hole Shoes (Moderate and Extreme Service Shoes)

  • Work best in applications where packing causes the track to tighten, accelerating pin and bushing wear
  • Recommended for applications where large amounts of debris tend to pack in the track
  • Reduce extrudable packing between the shoe and the bushing due to sprockets that punch out dirt and debris
  • Also available for Double-Grouser and Chopper Shoes

Multi-Grouser Shoes

  • Work best in applications that require less penetration and traction
  • Recommended for applications that require better turning capability and less ground disturbance
  • Feature two or three short grousers instead of one tall grouser, low usage on medium-size track-type tractors

Extreme Service Shoe (Single-Grouser Shoes)

  • Work best in moderate to high impact conditions
  • Recommended for applications where the links outlast the shoes
  • Have more hardened wear material than moderate service shoes

Self-Cleaning, Low Ground Pressure Shoes

  • Work best in soft underfoot conditions. Should not be used in highly abrasive or high-impact conditions
  • Recommended for applications where flotation is a problem (LGP only)
  • Separate from one another as they move around the sprocket and idler, allowing dirt and debris to fall out

Chopper Shoes

  • Work best in applications where debris tends to stick in the shoes
  • Recommended for landfills, transfer stations and demolition applications
  • Feature a full-length grouser to resist bending, diagonal side grousers for increased chopping ability, and a large trapezoidal center hole for increased material extrusion