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Advanced Equipment Monitoring with VisionLink®

Modern innovation puts the power to more effectively manage a fleet of equipment at your fingertips. a remote monitoring solution for your construction equipment that enables efficient and effective Product Link gives you more timely, useful information about how your equipment is performing—result is superior fleet management that creates maximum efficiency and productivity and better owning and operating costs.

Product Link has an easy-to-use interface, called VisionLink™, which enables customized health enhanced mapping and mixed-fleet capabilities. The VisionLink software interface allows you to and utilization reporting in real-time, sent directly from your machines via Cat® ProductLink™ technology. steady stream of accurate, detailed information that helps your business increase productivity costs of owning and operating heavy machinery. The new Product Link comes standard on new connects customers directly to Altorfer service and support.

As an authorized Cat dealership with locations across Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana, support your heavy equipment management needs. We handle every aspect of the installation for VisionLink electronics and software components. Our knowledgeable team will partner with yours getting the most out of this powerful technology that’s capable of placing your fleet management cutting edge.

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What can Cat Link do for me?

By making it easy to see what’s going on with individual machines, whole fleets or entire jobsites, technology helps operations of any size get more out of every asset, every operator and every Product Link™ hardware collects data from your assets—any type and any brand. You no longer money and effort gathering and entering it by hand. Then VisionLink®, the easy-to-use web interface, into insights about asset location, operation, health, productivity and more.

The result? You can access up-to-the-minute, accurate information anytime, anywhere—and use that boost productivity, lower costs, simplify maintenance, and improve safety and security on VisionLink Offers:

  • Automatically keep track of machine location and activity.
  • Track asset usage and fuel burn for insight into operational efficiency.
  • View snapshot reporting of fleet health, availability and condition.
  • Measure and monitor equipment idle time for ways to increase productivity.
  • Receive alerts to perform scheduled maintenance and timely repairs.
  • Create a more precise and effective plan of preventative maintenance.
Need Training?

Let Us Be Your Source for VisionLink

We handle every aspect of the installation of ProductLink and VisionLink electronics and software knowledgeable team will partner with yours to ensure you’re getting the most out of this powerful capable of placing your fleet management program on the cutting edge.

We Offer:
  • ProductLink and VisionLink product training by experienced technicians.
  • Dedicated live technical support and after-hours emergency response.
  • Access to the Cat PartStore™ for 24/7 part information, ordering and account details.
  • Ability to turn critical data into strategies capable of optimizing job site efficiency.