Cat® COMPACT technologies combine advanced measurement and guidance capabilities to help you meet compaction targets with greater consistency, in less time, and at a lower cost.

What is Cat Compact?

Cat COMPACT technologies include hardware components such as sensors plus software that monitor compaction progress.

Intelligent Compaction provides a relative measurement of material stiffness during the compaction process rather than an absolute reading of Compaction Values (e.g., density).
In-cab displays show when compaction has met target values.
Optional GPS mapping allows operators to see how many passes they have made over which areas.
Available from the factory on select new Cat Asphalt and Soil Compactors, or as dealer-installed or retrofit systems on a wide range of equipment from other manufacturers.

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What Does It Do For Me?

Cat COMPACT technologies provide on-the-go compaction measurement, documentation and reporting for asphalt and soil compaction applications. Both can be monitored using optional mapping technology.

COMPACT Technologies for Asphalt Compactors give operators instant feedback to help them achieve uniform results with the highest level of quality and maximum efficiency.

COMPACT Technologies for Soil Compactors give operators instant feedback to help them achieve uniform results with maximum efficiency. Plus, they help to identify hidden soil problems that can affect compaction quality.

Compliance Reporting employs an optional 3D mapping system that maps measurements to the precise location the machine has covered.

Available Cat Compact Connect Technologies

How Do I Put the Compact Technologies to work?

Fully integrated Cat COMPACT technologies are available as factory attachments on new Cat equipment. Some technologies are retrofittable to select Cat machines.

What Cat Compact Technologies are Available for my Machines? For Asphalt Compactors

Temperature Indicate for Asphalt
Auto-Adjustable Compaction (AAC)
CMV Indicate for Asphalt
For Soil Compactors

CMV Indicate for Soil
MDP Indicate for Soil
GPS Mapping for Soil & Asphalt

Optional 3D mapping system maps measurements to the precise location the operator is working.

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