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Cat ® Command technology makes work safer, more comfortable, and more accurate. Cat Command is exclusively designed and is built deeply integrated into all new Cat machines.

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What Can Cat Command Do for Me?

With Cat Command, operators can run equipment from a remote location, whether that is on site or at an off-site command center. Cat Command is safer for your employees, and more precise. Drive productivity up and costs down with Cat Command.

What Technology is Available?

Cat Command technology includes remote-control systems available on Cat dozers, wheel loaders and skid steer loaders.

Line-of-Sight Controller – Operators work off the machine with a portable, over-the-shoulder console, while remaining on-site and in direct visual contact. It works best in a short-term or emergency situation and requires no onsite communications infrastructure.
Remote Operating Station – Operators are able to work for long periods of time while seated in a safe and comfortable “virtual cab.” The station can be located in a command center on site or many miles away. It requires video and audio support over a high-speed communications network.