Equipment Management

Boost Your Productivity and Cut Operating Expenses

Boost Your Productivity and Cut Operating Expenses Equipment Management Services is the smart answer for businesses focused on getting the optimal value out of their construction equipment. It’s a multi-dimensional approach that combines cutting-edge technical capabilities with professional support to help reduce the cost of operating while increasing productivity.

Equipment Services provide the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with an authorized Cat dealer with the expertise and experience to revolutionize the way you manage your equipment. Altorfer Cat makes it simple to oversee everything from equipment utilization and location to overall fuel consumption. We’ll help you take better care of your fleet by monitoring health issues including fluid contamination, machine hours, maintenance schedules and more.

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Cat Connect Services Increase Worksite Efficiency 

With Cat Connect Services, you can lock down the task of equipment management and reclaim the time and focus to pursue your goals. With access to professional services and state-of-the-art Cat technology, you’ll have your fleet operating to full capacity while reducing costs relating to fuel, maintenance and repair. Your authorized Cat dealer will harvest critical information via technology-enabled machines and then use what it learns to develop strategies for improving efficiency.

Your long-term success rests on the ability to control costs, operate safely and get more done with less. If you are ready to forge a brighter future for your business, learn more about the five levels of Equipment Services that provide the access, information, advice and support for effective equipment management.


EM Services Overview

Control Costs

Improve Operations

Manage People

Reduce Risk

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