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From the generator to the distribution system, Altorfer Power Systems will ensure that your Emergency Power Standby System provides continued, reliable service no matter what brand you own. Altorfer Power Systems proudly offers the following Electrical Testing services:

Electrical Testing

Acceptance Testing
Perform NETA recommended tests on a variety of low and medium voltage electrical equipment such as switchgear, cables, transformers, and circuit breakers to insure system integrity before energizing.

Thermographic Surveys
Infrared survey utilizing the latest in technology to diagnose loose electrical connections, poor cable terminations and splices, overloads and unbalanced loads, or early bearing failure. Software allows detailed reports with infrared images showing points of concern before costly failure occurs.

Cable Testing
Perform megger and high potential testing on low and medium voltage cables.

Soil Resistively and Ground Resistance
Insures that the soils properties can support a ground system. Perform three point fall of potential tests on ground rods and system.

Circuit Breaker Testing and Maintenance
Inspection, testing and maintenance on low and medium voltage circuit breakers. Tests include contact resistance, megger and timing tests.

Perform inspection, maintenance, and lubrication of sliding surfaces and cleaning of circuit breakers main contacts, racking and charging mechanisms, interlocks, and other related circuit breaker components.

Relay Testing & Calibration
Functional testing and calibration of system protective & generator protective relays such as single and multifunction, electro-mechanical and microprocessor based relays. Test, inspection and calibration also of metering devices such as voltage and current meters.

Load Bank Testing
Resistive or Reactive load bank testing. Recommended regular testing to safeguard against system problems and identify routine maintenance needs. If a diesel engine is consistently operated at load levels less than 30% of rated output for extended time periods, then the engine reliability will suffer.

Vibration Analysis
Preventing costly bearing or alignment related failures on rotating equipment.

Generator Winding Tests
Polarization Index tests will determine the overall health of a generator winding.

Station Battery and Charging Systems
Routine battery charger, battery bank and rack thermography and visual inspections and tests will ensure the reliability of control system power.

UPS Inspection and Tests
Routine UPS inspection and cleaning. Infrared thermography of control components and battery bank to find overheating and loose connections. Battery bank replacements also available.

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
Inspection, lubrication of sliding surfaces, cleaning, transfer tests and thermographic imaging. The ATS can be the achilles heel of a system and should not be ignored.

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