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Reliability Counts to Keep Operations Running

You rely on powerful engines and generators to make progress possible. If slowing down simply isn’t an option, it pays to have a trusted source for everything from engine parts repair and complete engine overhaul to power support and remanufactured generator services.

When you partner with Altorfer Power Systems, we provide you with reliable equipment management solutions to keep your power systems running at peak efficiency – regardless of make or manufacturer. We take pride in offering the best-built products and dependable solutions that deliver exceptional value and lasting performance.

From getting the most out of your existing equipment to delivering comprehensive solutions that get things done faster and more efficiently, we’re passionate about helping you maximize uptime and reduce your costs of doing business. Our power systems support services will save you time and money by providing expert generator engine repair, generator rebuilds, engine parts repair and more.

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Dependable Power Support

Altorfer sets the standard for parts availability and service support – from an extensive generator engine parts inventory to preventive maintenance, diagnostics, emergency service and rental equipment – all backed by highly skilled factory-trained technicians who can anticipate your needs.

Electric Power Preventative Maintenance

Altorfer Cat is happy to provide several different Preventive Maintenance Agreements for your prime and backup generators. Preventive Maintenance Agreements are tailored to fit your specific business needs and can help you manage the operating costs of Cat® and non-Cat equipment.

Altorfer’s Advantage GOLD Preventive Maintenance Agreement

During Altorfer’s Advantage GOLD Preventive Maintenance Agreement, our factory trained technicians will perform the maintenance and submit a written report on the following systems:

  • Cooling System
  • Fuel System
  • Starting System
  • Engine Monitors, Safety Controls and Control Panel
  • Air Induction and Exhaust
  • Generator
  • Lube Oil System
  • And more

Advantage Gold Preventive Maintenance Agreements also receive:

  • Oil & filter change
  • Fittings greased
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Antifreeze coolant tested

Advantage SILVER® Preventive Maintenance Agreement

During Altorfer’s Advantage SILVER® Preventive Maintenance Agreement, our factory trained technicians will inspect and submit a written report on the following systems:

  • Cooling System
  • Fuel System
  • Starting System
  • Engine Monitors, Safety Controls and Control Panel
  • Air Induction and Exhaust
  • Generator
  • Lube Oil System
  • And more

Load Bank Testing Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Load bank testing is the best way to measure the performance of your generator set. It can reveal problems in your generator set so they can be corrected before your system is called on in a critical emergency. Altorfer’s generator technicians can test your power system under simulated operating conditions to ensure that it will perform when needed.

Reasons to use a Load Bank Test

  • Measure the performance of your generator set
  • Reveal problems in your system
  • Develop a load testing schedule that is appropriate for your generator set

Diesel Fuel Management

Diesel fuel today is unstable by nature. Fuel is constantly degrading from the time it is refined until it is burned. Contamination from transportation and storage from the refinery to the user along with moisture, oxidation, microbial growth and time all enhance the degradation process.

Degradation appears in the form of a black slime, which drops to the bottom of the fuel tank. In time, the slime builds up and is pulled into the fuel filter, resulting in engine response problems.

AltorferPower offers a maintenance program to address all of your fuel system needs such as:

  • Fuel Analysis
  • Fuel Cleaning
  • Fuel Tank Replacement
  • Fuel Conditioning
  • Fuel Tank Cleaning

Thermal Imaging

Reduce the risk of unexpected downtime and expensive emergency repair costs. When current flows through any electrical circuit, heat is generated as a by-product of resistance. With time and use, all electrical components and contact surfaces deteriorate – causing increased resistance and heat.

A Thermal Imaging maintenance program will detect and record this heat. Thermal images taken will convert this heat energy to a visible image. The images are then analyzed for areas of concern or future problems.

Thermal imaging can be performed on:

  • Wiring and Cable Connections
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Transformers
  • Motors

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Megohmmeter Testing

With time and use, the insulation on electrical wiring, generator leads, and internal generator components will deteriorate. Temperature, humidity, dust, and oil will also have a negative effect on the insulation integrity.

A megohmmeter test will help identify insulation problems before a serious expensive failure occurs. With a portable handheld tool, readings are taken and values are displayed for each individual circuit.

Megohmmeter testing can be applied to most simple circuit electrical equipment and devices including:

  • Wiring
  • Motors
  • Switches
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Transformers

Experienced Technicians.  Because Failure is Not an Option.

Altorfer Power Systems is your single, convenient point of contact with the largest number of factory trained power generation technicians in northern Illinois, northwest Indiana, and Chicago. Our professional power support technicians:

  • Are available and dispatched 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Are factory trained in generator engine repair
  • Average 40 hours of training per year to keep current with new technology and safety
  • Are qualified to service all major brands of equipment

Generator Engine Parts, Repair, and Rebuilds in Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa.

With strategically placed Altorfer Power Systems locations throughout the region, we’re everywhere you need us to be for generator engine parts repair and new, used and remanufactured generator sales. We offer power support for hard-working businesses searching for cost-effective solutions to keep your operation running longer and stronger.

Whether you need a generator rebuild or engine overhaul for a single unit or fleet-wide power systems management, our team is ready to work for you. Contact us today for more information and a competitive quote.

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