Equipment Rebuild

Our commitment to your profitability doesn’t end with the life of a machine or component. We’re here to help you get the maximum value from your assets, whether that means trading in older equipment, reselling, rebuilding or disposal.

Our rebuild capabilities can make your old equipment like new for a fraction of the new
price, and when it’s time for disposal, we can help with that too.

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Customer Testimonials

“We will definitely continue with the CCR & CPT Rebuilds as warranted – truly a value to BMC.Once a machine has gone though its life-cycle, we send it to Altorfer for a rebuild and basically have a new machine for half the cost. Our operators have been impressed with the performance of the rebuilds when they return to production. Not only from the operational side, but cosmetically as well – almost as if it has just rolled off the factory assembly line.”
– Chris Dinsdale, BMC Aggregates

“After the success of our first two rebuilds, it was an easy decision to choose Altorfer for our 988F rebuild. When our first 988F was getting long in the tooth, we spoke with our Altorfer Parts and Service Sales Rep. about the rebuild program. The price difference between new and factory rebuilt was a big factor in our decision to use the Certified Rebuild Program.”
– Dave Coots, Coots Materials Co.

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