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Did you know that for as low as $13.00 you can protect your equipment from major repairs and system failures?

When it comes to modern preventative maintenance, it pays to use everything at your disposal capable of helping you better understand the condition of your fleet. An effective tool for detection can mean the difference between success and failure for businesses that rely heavily on the performance of construction equipment, engines, power systems and machinery. Altorfer Cat provides access to the latest innovations in machine maintenance technology including expert S•O•S fluid analysis services.

Fluid Analysis Capabilities Brochure 2023


An oil sample analysis provides an in-depth look into the health of your equipment, allowing you to pinpoint inefficiencies and problem areas before they require costly repairs. Smart fleet operators know proactive oil analysis and testing is essential to maintaining a low cost of ownership and extending the life of aging equipment. Learn more about our fluid analysis services by downloading the various resources:



  • Altorfer has been analyzing oil for 45 years.
  • We are currently processing over 51,500 samples a year.
  • Our oil lab processes an average of over 200 samples per day.
  • 40% of our clients are competitive brands – not just Cat.
  • We have 8 convenient locations throughout our territory where you can drop off an oil sample for free delivery to our lab for testing.
  • 24 hour turnaround time once the sample is received at our lab.
  • Online results are available the same day the sample is completed through the lab.

The better you know your equipment, the greater your ability to keep it running at peak performance levels. Altorfer Cat provides the modern tools and online interface to collect, transmit and analyze oil and coolant samples that help monitor the health of critical components and overall machine condition. With accurate information at your fingertips within a matter of hours, businesses are able to achieve greater fleet productivity, longer life cycles and increased availability.



  • Monitor maintenance schedules and practices to verify that maintenance is being done in the most effective manner.
  • Avoid major repairs/system failures by fixing minor problems before they become serious. (Water pump, air filters, turbo, fuel injector(s), fuel transfer pump, thrust washer, bearings, valve adjust, filter change, kidney loop, etc.)
  • Reduce downtime and schedule service more effectively.
  • Get the most use out of replaceable components by knowing exactly when they need to be changed.
  • Have a demonstrable service history for your equipment that will improve its resale value when it’s time to upgrade.



SOS Services is one of the most useful and important maintenance support programs available. Here’s why:

  • Avoid: SOS Services keeps minor repairs from becoming major ones, and helps you avoid complete failures.
  • Track: Through SOS Services you are equipped with a tool that tracks the wear of components and parts, tracks oil performance, and tracks oil condition.
  • Maintain: SOS Services shortens repair time. Using the SOS Services Report as a guide, troubleshooting time is often reduced, enabling a service technician to go directly to the core of the problem.
  • Optimize: SOS Services enables you to optimize oil change intervals.
  • Manage: SOS Services manages component life and equipment availability, thus reducing owning and operating costs. Downtime is decreased and productivity and profitability are increased.
  • Take A Good SOS Sample: Learn how to take a good oil sample.



To view your fluid analysis results register for an account at My.Cat.Com. Use our Element Description Guide  and SOS Management Guide to help you understand your results or contact your Altorfer Cat Product Support Representative for more information.



  • As our experience increases, so do our capabilities.  Contact us below to learn more about our complete range of fluid analysis capabilities and get a free, competitive quote from Altorfer Cat today!
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