January 17, 2019

Skid Loader Safety Features

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Quick Tip Video: Safety Features on the New Cat® D Series Skid Steer Loaders

The all-new Cat D Series Skid Steer Loaders have been redesigned to promote operator safety and productivity on any jobsite. Along with the type of quality construction that makes Caterpillar® a world-famous name synonymous with strength and dependability, these exciting new machines are packed with safety features aimed at keeping you and those working around you safe and out of harm’s way.

Watch the following quick tip video as a representative from Caterpillar demonstrates the proper way to keep yourself safe when operating a Cat D Series Skid Steer Loader.



Hi, my name’s Colin.

I’m here to show you the safety features on the new Cat D Series Skid Steer Loaders.

When entering, always be sure to have three points of contact as you enter the machine.

Next, fasten your seatbelt.

It is critical to have your seatbelt on at all times when inside the machine.

Then, adjust your rearview mirror to ensure you have a clear view of your surroundings.

Next, adjust your side windows to your desired position.

These easy-to-open windows ensure clear communication on the job site.

Check your backup camera to ensure that it is not obstructed and provides a clear view behind the machine.

Each Cat D Series Skid Steer Loader is equipped with the following safety features that will ensure you and those around you are safe.

Your parking break is hydraulically released and will set as soon as the engine stops and hydraulic pressure is lost.

A seat switch and arm bar switch that prevents the machine from being started without an operator present.

A rear exit window to use if the front entry is blocked.

A lift arm service brace that can be installed and uninstalled by one person.

A dead engine lowering lever and hydraulic accumulator that allow you to lower the lift arm in the event of an unexpected machine shut down

As always, refer to your operation and maintenance manual for more information.

Being aware of these safety features will keep you safe and productive each and every day.

That’s today’s quick tip, thanks for watching.


Make Safety Part of Your Daily Routine

This instructional video can serve as training for new operators or as part of a refresher course for existing personnel. This video shows operators how to make use of the many safety features found on Cat D Series Skid Steer Loaders. In addition, it covers emergency features built into the machine in order to control it safely in the case of unexpected events.

First and foremost, safely entering and exiting the machine is a must. Slips and falls around the machine and on jobsites with multiple types of materials and equipment should be avoided at all costs. This can best be accomplished by always practicing the three points of contact rule when getting in or out of the skid steer. That means that with four points of contact possible with your hands and feet, you maintain three points of contact with the machine whenever moving in or out of it.

Once inside the machine, it’s important to always fasten your seatbelt. It’s advisable to get into the habit of doing this as soon as you sit down so you don’t wind up forgetting to do it later. In addition, you should adjust the rearview mirror to give yourself a good view of the worksite and any activity around you. Also, to assist in communicating with colleagues outside the machine, you can adjust the side windows to whatever position is most comfortable and makes sense given the climate and surroundings you’re working in.

If your skid steer is equipped with an optional rearview camera, be sure to check that its lens isn’t obstructed so that the camera provides you with a clear view of whatever is behind the machine.

Familiarize Yourself with All Safety Features

To assist you in safely operating your skid steer, it’s important to familiarize yourself with a number of standard safety features. To prevent the accidental starting of the machine without an operator present, you’ll find a seat switch and arm bar switch that must be lowered once you’re seated. And to help keep the machine in place when not running, its parking brake — which is hydraulically released — will automatically set once the engine stops and hydraulic pressure is lost.

In case the front entry is blocked for any reason, there’s an emergency release on the rear window that allows the operator to exit from the rear of the machine.

There’s also a lift arm service brace, which can be put on and taken off by one person. And in the event of an unplanned machine shutdown, there’s a dead engine lowering lever and hydraulic accumulator that allows the lift arms to lower safely.

For further safety features and explanations, please refer to your operation and maintenance manual. And for more information on Cat D Series Skid Steers, as well as other quality construction equipment, parts and service, contact us today. Make Altorfer CAT your one-stop equipment dealer!