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Temperature Control


Staying in control of your temperature is essential. Fluctuations — whether from a broken HVAC system or a facility expansion — can result in lost product, uncomfortable conditions and more. At Altorfer, we offer a solution that gives you the power to control your temperature with precision.

We serve many industries including emergency preparedness and response, general construction, confined space, healthcare and industrial manufacturing, just to name a few.  We also offer air conditioners and heaters for outdoor events. Our inventory of commercial temperature control rentals includes electric, propane or natural gas units that are on wheels for greater mobility. All units are backed by our 24/7/365 service.


Uses of Commercial Temperature Control Rentals

To meet the needs of various industries, from healthcare to general construction, we stock commercial temperature control rentals with varying features, including electrical requirements and fan performance, as well as their cooling and heating power.

With our industrial air conditioner rentals, as well as temporary industrial heating solutions, you can:

  • Maintain desired temperatures
  • Control humidity and moisture in facility spaces
  • Cool or heat workspaces
  • Deliver comfortable environments for outdoor events

All our commercial temperature control rentals are maintained and serviced by our team of expert technicians to ensure every rental is ready to deliver the cooling or heating power you need.

Benefits of Choosing Altorfer for Your Commercial Temperature Control Rental

We provide an unparalleled series of services for our temperature control rentals, which include:

  • Competitive rates
  • Operator training
  • Personalized rental times
  • Machinery pickup and delivery
  • Free quotes for commercial temperature control rentals
  • Year-round, 24-hour customer support

Our team at Altorfer is also knowledgeable about our rental equipment, like our temporary commercial AC systems, which lets them provide accurate and honest advice about choosing machinery to rent.

Rent an HVAC Unit With Altorfer

At Altorfer, we have rental stores throughout Iowa and Illinois. With every location, you can expect to receive our more than six decades of experience combined with our team’s knowledge of commercial temperature control rentals.

Search our inventory to rent an HVAC unit today.

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Temperature Control Products for Rent

Rent temperature control products and accessories from us to create and maintain ideal heating and cooling conditions. No matter the season, Altorfer Cat can help you:

  • Maintain optimum process temperatures for performance and profit
  • Control humidity in critical manufacturing spaces
  • Cool workspaces to keep employees comfortable and more productive
  • Create pleasant environments for sporting events, parties and special events


Looking to rent a commercial dehumidifier, cooling tower or air box? Our large inventory of temperature control rental accessories helps ensure product and performance integrity – whether it’s cooling data storage servers or heating a warehouse or jobsite in the dead of winter.

Heating and Air for Rent – For Every Occasion and Application

Our air temperature control rental equipment is the perfect choice for any construction or industrial purpose. Common uses for temperature control rentals include:

    • Electronics manufacturing
    • Food and beverage packaging
    • Pharmaceutical and chemical production and storage
    • Dehumidification for construction drying, mold prevention
    • Seasonal warehouse cooling and heating
    • Jacketed reactor cooling
    • Dense air injection for turbines or oil refining
    • Blast furnace cooling
    • Computer / data center climate control
    • Seasonal or emergency comfort cooling and heating
    • Jobsite construction and renovation
    • Product storage
    • Tent events
    • SpecWastewater
    • Waste water treatment
    • Concrete cooling or curing processes

Contact Altorfer Cat power systems experts now to learn more about your temperature control rental options.

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