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Heavy Construction


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Important jobs require specialized equipment that can deliver performance and productivity at a low operating cost. Often, renting is the best way to achieve this. When you rent an excavator, backhoe or other heavy construction equipment from Altorfer Inc., you are getting a quality Cat® machine that’s been designed to deliver the working advantages you need to succeed in a difficult economy.

As the exclusive Cat dealer serving eastern Iowa, northeast Missouri, central and northern Illinois, Chicago, and northwestern Indiana , we have an extensive inventory of heavy construction rental equipment that’s been meticulously serviced to the company’s highest standards. Count on us for equipment and attachments that will drive productivity on any job site.

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Renting an excavator or other construction equipment is the smart choice for any temporary equipment need. While this includes one-off jobs where additional or specialized equipment is required, there are many other situations in which renting is appropriate:

  • You are working in a remote location or in harsh conditions where using your own fleet would involve excessive maintenance or transportation costs.
  • You want to maintain full productivity while your own equipment is out for repairs.
  • You want to avoid the financial implications of a lease and free up credit for other investments in your business.
  • You are considering expanding your fleet and want to try a machine out in real-world conditions before making a decision.

Whatever the reason, you’ll find the heavy construction equipment rental you need at Altorfer Rents. With an extensive inventory of rental backhoes, work tools and more, we can match you with a complete turnkey solution for your upcoming project.


Motor Graders

We have the largest and most comprehensive rental fleet in our marketplace. With over 400 machines and 9 rental storefronts, we are fully prepared to serve your rental needs.

The Cat Rental Store, your source for a complete line of Cat and allied equipment will help keep your company up and running. Whether it’s a long-term rental of a small hand tool or a one-day rental of a large Excavator, we have a complete inventory of well maintained machines immediately available at competitive rates. We’re equipped with the tools you need to get the job done right.

Our wide variety of tools and quality equipment from Cat and other top brands are maintained by expert technicians dedicated to keeping our equipment performing at top levels. And you’ll get the quick response you need, along with knowledgeable and experienced people to answer your questions.


  • Nine”Cat Rental Store” locations to serve you
  • Cat equipment,  Allmand light towers, Honda generators, JLG boom lifts, Genie work platforms, lift trucks, along with other national brands
  • Daily, weekly and long-term rentals
  • Delivery service
  • Credit accounts


  • Dozer24-hour “around-the-clock” service available on all rental equipment
  • Focus on the customer, utilizing our skilled and knowledgeable employees
  • Provide a full line of products, from hand tools to mass excavators
  • Make dealing with us easy and pleasurable
  • Provide the product when it is required
  • Be honest in our dealings “We tell it like it is”
  • Have competitive pricing


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