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Walk-Behind Rollers

Walk-Behind Roller Rental

For small-scale soil compaction jobs rent a Multiquip® Walk-Behind Roller from Altorfer Cat. Its steel construction delivers superior strength and durability compared to other walk behind rollers that use plastic. What else can you expect when you rent a Multiquip walk-behind soil compactor?

  • Easy Operation
  • Oscillation that provides better stability and maintains contact with the soil for optimum compaction
  • A better turning radius on the Viper because of hydraulic cylinder inside the frame of the roller
  • Z-frame design with overlapping drums leaves no space un-compacted as the roller makes a pass
  • Patented SCT Straight Compaction Technology delivers equal amplitude to all four drums by positioning each eccentric perpendicular to drum rotation for better compaction
  • Variable centrifugal force that enables you to adjust the compaction force to your application. Select between 15,543 pounds of force in the high setting and 7,606 pounds of force in the low setting
  • An automatic idle control that returns the engine to idle if the machine is inactive to save fuel

Why Rent From Us?

Altorfer Cat has been in the construction equipment business for over 85 years. What’s the secret to our success? It’s our reputation and continued commitment to “leveling the playing field” for all of our customers – from large construction and landscaping companies to do-it-yourself homeowners and the local handyman. We’re pleased to provide operating tips, machine training and soil compaction advice, too. Let’s get rolling … contact an Altorfer Cat equipment rental specialist now.