G3516B LE Gas Engine

The line of G3500B engines brings versatility, uptime, and low operating cost to your gas compression operation. They deliver the lowest engine-out emissions in the industry without sacrificing performance. Ideal applications for G3500B engines include gas lift, gas gathering, and wellhead gas compression. Cat G3508B gas engine. Ratings: 1029 bkW (1380 bhp) @ 1400 rpm are NSPS site compliant capable.

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Minimum Rating 1380 BHP
Maximum Rating 1380 BHP
Emissions NSPS Site Compliant Capable
Displacement 4230 in³
Aspiration Turbocharged-2 Stage Aftercooled
Flywheel and Flywheel Housing SAE No. 00
Flywheel Teeth 183
Weight - Dry 18520 lb
Oil Change Interval 1000 hr
Ignition, Protection ADEM™ A3
Stroke 7.5 in
Bore 6.7 in
Cooling System 58.5 gal (US)
Lube Oil System - Refill 112 gal (US)
Air Inlet System
  • Axial flow air cleaners
  • Service indicator
  • Cleanable
Cooling System
  • Two-stage charge air cooling:
  • Engine cooling and charge air cooling thermostats
Exhaust System
  • Dry exhaust manifolds and turbocharger housings
Flywheels and Housings
  • SAE 00 flywheel
  • SAE 00 flywheel housing
  • SAE standard rotation
Fuel System
  • Electronic fuel metering valve
  • Requires 7-50 psig gas supply
  • Gas pressure regulator
  • Gas shutoff valve
  • Remote-mounted Advisor control panel
  • Interconnect harness
Lube System
  • Top-mounted crankcase breathers
  • Oil cooler
  • Oil filter and oil sampling valve
  • Drain valve
  • Turbo oil accumulator
  • API B16.3 approved gas/air-driven pre-lube system
Torsional Vibration Analysis
  • Caterpillar provided
  • Rails
Control Panels
  • 4" LCD Advisor display panel
  • Shipped loose
Starting System
  • 90 psi TDI starter
  • 150 psi TDI starter
Power Take-Offs
  • Front housing, two sided
  • Front lower LH accessory drive
Protection System — Display/Alarm/Shutdown
  • Low oil pressure
  • Oil filter differential pressure
  • High fuel or oil temperature
  • Engine oil to engine coolant
  • Differential temperature
  • High coolant temperature
  • Engine speed
  • Engine load
  • Battery voltage
  • Detonation
  • Manifold air temperature
  • Coolant JW inlet/outlet pressure
  • Left turbo inlet temperature
  • Right turbo inlet temperature
  • Cylinder port temperature
Protection System — Display Only
  • Service hours
  • Oxygen level
  • Paint — Cat yellow
  • Dual 23" vibration damper with guard
  • CSA Certification, Class 1 Division 2 Groups C and D
Air Inlet System
  • Rectangular air inlet adapter
  • Circular air inlet adapter
Charging System
  • Battery Charger 20 amp
  • Mechanical joint assembly
  • Inlet connection
Exhaust System
  • Flexible fittings available at first production build
  • Elbows and mufflers
  • Optional interconnect harness
Lube System
  • Shipped with lube oil
Mounting System
  • Rails
Power Take-Offs
  • Front stub shaft
  • Options available