Cat® 3516E Diesel Engine

The Cat® 3516E industrial diesel engine is offered at a continuous rating of 1566 kW (2100 hp) @ 1650 rpm and is designed for applications that require continuous heavy-duty service. These engines are capable of being operated at maximum power and speed up to 100% of the time without interuption or load cycling.

The 3516E is certified to meet EU Stage V, U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, and California Air Regulations Board (CARB) standards, providing a single solution for higher regulated countries and simplifying installations for OEMs.

The 3516E offers unsurpassed performance and durability in a wide array of industries and applications, including shredders, chippers, grinders, bore and drill rigs, and pumps as well as other applications in forestry, general industrial, material handling, and mining.

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Maximum Power 2100 HP
Maximum Torque 8275 lb-ft @ 1200 rpm
Rated Speed 1650 rpm
Minimum Power 2100 HP
Emissions U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V
Engine Configuration V-16
Bore 6.7 in
Stroke 8.5 in
Displacement 4760 in³
Compression Ratio 16.5:1
Aspiration Turbocharged Aftercooled (TTA)
Combustion System MEUI
Rotation from Flywheel End Counterclockwise
Aftertreatment SCR
Length 122.2 in
Width 63.6 in
Height 83 in
Weight - Net Dry - Basic Operating Engine Without Optional Attachments 18025 lb
Length 92.5 in
Width 79.1 in
Height 31.9 in
Weight 2378 lb
Air Inlet System
  • Four turbochargers, centre mounted
  • Air-to-Air Aftercooled (ATAAC)
Control System
  • Electronic engine control
Exhaust System
  • Two exhaust outlets, 203 mm (8 in) round flange
  • Exhaust manifold, dry
  • Four turbochargers with watercooled bearings
Cooling System
  • Gear-driven centrifugal jacket water pump
  • Connections for radiator cooling
  • Thermostats and housing
Flywheels and Flywheel Housing
  • Flywheel housing, SAE No. 0 or SAE No. 00
  • Flywheel, SAE No. 18 or SAE No. 21
  • SAE standard rotation
Fuel System
  • Fuel filter, LH spin-on type
  • Fuel transfer pump
  • Electronically controlled unit injectors
Lube System
  • Crankcase breather, top mounted
  • Oil cooler
  • Oil filler and dipstick, LH
  • Oil pump
  • Oil filter, LH, spin-on type
  • Front sump oil pan, 500-hour change interval
  • Paint: Caterpillar yellow, with optional colors available at request
  • Vibration damper
  • Lifting eyes