The G20CM34 is a spark ignited engine operating according to the lean burn combustion system. The use of a pre-chamber operated by means of a spark plug enables a combustion at high efficiency and low emissions. The cylinder-pressure based engine management of the G20CM34 enables engine operation at the efficiency optimum. The single-stage turbocharged, charge air cooled 20 cylinder engine reaches an electrical efficiency of up to 48 % and an overall efficiency of up to 93 %. Two charge air coolers allow a maximum utilization of the available displacement. A two-circuit cooling water system ensures flexibility. With a high temperature (HT) and a low temperature (LT) stage each, individual configurations for high altitudes of installation, high intake air temperatures, and natural gases with varying methane numbers are available. Depending on the requirements, these configurations can be optimized for purely electric power generation and combined heat and power. Stable engine operation at varying natural gas qualities is ensured by means of cylinder-specific knocking detection and continuous NOx control. An optimum material design (as e.g. the flow-optimized gas supply in the cylinder head) ensures a long service life of the components. Low fuel and lubricating oil consumption as well as low maintenance effort cater for high availability and cost efficiency of the engine.

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Maximum Continuous Rating 9830 / 10300 ekW @ 0.8 pf
Fuel Type Natural Gas
Maximum Electrical Efficiency 48.9%
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
RPM 750/720
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Engine Model G20CM34
Displacement 46484.2 in³
Aspiration Turbocharged and Aftercooled
Bore 13.38 in
Stroke 16.53 in
Length 562.2 in
Width 153.9 in
Height 212.2 in
Dry Weight - Genset 361559 lb
  • Crankcase ventilation
  • Oil mist detector
Fuel System
  • Gas valve unit (GVU)
Combined Module
  • Cooling water- and lubricating oil system partly on a common base frame with standardized pipe interface. (Cooling water system requires additional cooling towers, radiators or similar)
Intake Air
  • Systems that can be adjusted to suit the ambient conditions are available, such as pocket filters, oil bath filters or pulse filters
Starting Air
  • Starting air compressor module
  • Starting air receiver module
Exhaust Gas
  • Exhaust gas ventilation module
  • Exhaust gas silencer
  • Further elements, such as SCR and oxidation catalyst, are available as options
Control & Monitoring System
  • Provides the control, monitoring and protection functions of the engine, generator and engine support modules through:
    • Local Control Panel (LCP) (recommended) or
    • Local Data Panel (LDP) and Generator Control Panel (GCP)
  • Provides the control of the engine support modules through Motor Control Center (MCC)
  • Asset Intelligence System: Your remote diagnostic system, worldwide
Vibration damping
  • Optimum oscillation and vibration damping systems for safe and operationally reliable set-up of the plant, especially adjusted to suit your ambient conditions.
  • Engine and generator can be supplied as a unit on a common base frame