CTG Series Automatic Transfer Switch

The Cat® CTG Series Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) are pre-configured for applications requiring the dependability and ease of operation found in a full feature power contactor type transfer switch.

CTG switches are equipped with the next generation MX150 microprocessor panel, which controls the operation and displays the status of the transfer switch’s position, timers and available sources. As an embedded digital controller, the MX150 offers high reliability and ease of unattended operation across a range of applications.

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Transfer Type Open transition
Rating Range 40-3000A
Switch Type Contactor based
Standard Features
  • Auxiliary Contact:
    Closed when the switch is in the normal position
    (Additional contacts optional)
  • Time Delay to Engine Start: Standard setting 3 seconds, adjustable 0-10 seconds
  • Peak Shave/Remote Load Test: Input for peak shave or remote load test; includes automatic return to normal if emergency source fails and normal is present; 120 VAC
  • Indicating LED Pilot Lights:
    -Switch in emergency position
    -Switch in normal position
    - Normal source available
    -Emergency source available
  • When specified for use with a CTGD Series delayed transition switch, the control panel also includes the following:
  • Event Log OD 16 Event that track date, time, reason and action taken
  • Time Delay on Retransfer to Normal: To delay retransfer to normal source (immediate retransfer on generator set failure); standard setting 30 minutes, adjustable 0-60 minutes
  • 7, 14, 28 day interval timed exerciser, pushbutton/timer operation
  • Test Switch - Momentary
  • In-Phase Monitor, self-adjusting (Not available on CTGD models)
  • Auxiliary Contact:
    Closed when the switch is in the emergency position
    (Additional contacts optional)
  • Push button Bypass of time delay and normal emergency
  • Voltage and Frequency Indication for S1 and S2
  • Engine Start Contact
MX150 Control Panel
  • LED/LCD indicators for ease of viewing and long life
  • Time Delay for Engine Cool Down: Allows engine to run unloaded after switch retransfer to normal; standard setting 5 minutes, adjustable 0-60 minutes
  • Inputs opto-isolated for high electrical immunity to transients and noise
  • Built-in diagnostics with LCD display for immediate troubleshooting
  • Nonvolatile memory (exerciser battery backup not required for standard operation)
  • Processor and digital circuitry isolated from line voltage
  • Communications header for network interface
  • Time Delay on Transfer to Emergency: To delay transfer to emergency after verifying emergency source available; standard setting 1 second, adjustable 0-5 minutes
  • Timer and voltage/frequency settings adjustable without disconnection from power sources
  • Service entrance configuration
  • Auxiliary Contacts: Closed when the transfer switch is in Source 1 position
  • Elevator Pre-Signal Auxiliary Contacts: Open 0-60 seconds prior to transfer to either direction, re-closes after transfer
  • Space heater and thermostat
  • Auxiliary Contact, operates on Source 1 line failure
  • Note:For applications requiring additional options or other configurations, see the CTS Series fully configurable transfer switch.
  • Auxiliary Contact, operates on Source 2 availability
  • Plant Exerciser, clock type (load/no load): Allows the generator to start and run unloaded or to simulate a power failure, start generator and run under load (7-14-28-365 days, user selectable)
  • Network communications interface card (LonWorks / ModBus)
  • Universal Motor Load Disconnect Circuit: Auxiliary Contact opens 0-60 seconds prior to transfer in either direction, re-closes after transfer. Can be configured by end user for Pre-transfer, Post-transfer, or both.
  • Auxiliary Contacts: Closed when the transfer switch is in Source 2 position
  • Power Measurement Meters
  • Maintained Test Switch
  • Disconnect Switch: Permits transfer in “AUTO” position and inhibits transfer in “INHIBIT” position. (Standard 800A and above)
  • Lockable, see-through cover for ATS controller
  • Voltage Imbalance Monitor (Three Phase)
  • Maintained Test Switch w/Keypad