Cat® Microgrid Master Controller-M (MMC-M)

The Cat® MMC-M is designed for medium-to-large industrial/ commercial installations. The MMC-M will integrate a variety of traditional and renewable energy sources to provide overall monitoring and control of the assets. These assets may be either located at a common installation or dispatched over a wider region.

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Application Photovoltaic and energy storage systems
Module Type Monitoring / control, assets optimization
MMC-M Panel
  • 15" industrial color touch-screen display
  • Industrial PC for asset control
  • Industrial PC for data management
  • Router for customer connection-Ethernet port
  • Digital I/O module for interfacing with ATS and other relays
  • Lightening Arrestor & Surge Protector
  • Fan and heater for temperature regulation with thermal control
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply with battery management
  • Indoor/Outdoor rated IP54 wall mount control panel.
  • Software features activated depending upon the option set chosen.