CAT 20 Ton Air Conditioner

Our entertainment units (20 ton air conditioning units) are self-contained and provide conditioned air for indoor or outdoor rental applications. Units are sound attenuated and are equipped with high efficiency scroll-type compressors which allow for cold starting–no preheat required.


  • Temporary Structure
  • Event Cooling & Optional Heating
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Length/Width/Height 89” x 37” x 100”
Total Shipping Weight 2,700 lbs
Duct Connections 19.25” (2) on top or wall mount connection
Power Supply 480 volt / 3 Phase / 60 HZ with ground
Breaker 125 amps
Cooling Load 57 amps
Heating Load 47 amps
Dehumidification Load 95 amps
Connection Cam-lock in/out for daisy chain set up
Remote Temperature Control Standard
Discharge Air Temperature Control Standard
Control Standard
Design Air Flow / Maximum Air Flow 10,000 cfm
Design Total Static Pressure 3.25 in wg
Fan Control VFD
Design Capacity 20 tons
Entering Air Temp (Dry Bulb / Wet Bulb) 90/70 °F
Leaving Air Temp (Dry Bulb / Wet Bulb) 63.5/59.6 °F
Coil Construction Copper Tube / Aluminum Fins
Low Ambient Control VFD
Type 2 X High Efficiency Scroll
Heating 30kW