Cat Rental 12 ton air conditioning units are self-contained and provide conditioned air for indoor or outdoor rental applications. Units are sound attenuated and are equipped with high efficiency scroll type compressors which allow for cold starting–no preheat required. Units feature rental friendly controls to meet the needs of the non-technical operator. Units are designed in accordance with industry guidelines and third party safety and quality standards.

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Length/Width/Height 64” x 44” x 67.5”
Total Shipping Weight 1,200 lbs
Duct Connections 13.75”
Filters (reusable) 2” x 15” x 20” (4)
Power Supply 230 or 480 volt / 3 Phase / 60 HZ with ground
Total full load or running load 96.3 amps at 230 volts
45.7 amps at 480 volts
Discharge air temperature control Standard
Return air temperature control Standard
Design Air Flow / Maximum Air Flow 4,050 cfm
Design Total Static Pressure 3.25 in wg
Fan Type Centrifugal
Motor hp/Speed 5 hp/1750 rpm
Design Capacity 12 tons
Entering Air Temp (Dry Bulb / Wet Bulb) 90/70 °F
Leaving Air Temp (Dry Bulb / Wet Bulb) 63.5/59.6 °F
Coil Construction Copper Tube / Aluminum Fins
Rows 4
Fins per inch 12
Type High Efficiency Scroll