The 6CM46DF generator set brings to the offshore industry a legacy of proven reliability and durability in the marine industry. CM offshore generator sets feature standard modular designs, engine-mounted pumps and filters, and a full range of factory attachments that make their installation simple and efficient. Ideal applications for the 6CM46DF offshore generator sets are main power on-board production vessels and platforms. Complete package offerings are MCS type-approved and compliant with IMO Tier II emissions standards, making their integration into vessels and platforms a simplified operation. Cat generator sets are backed by the worldwide network of Cat dealers ready to support your operation with technical support, service, parts, and warranty.

Engine Specifications

Minimum Rating
Maximum Rating
Engine Control



Standard Equipment

  • Engine
    • Motor-driven barring gear, fitted on engine
    • Reversing contractor and push button switch with cable
    • Electronic speed setting equipment with actuator and speed pick-up
    • Emergency shutdown equipment with pushbutton, separate, for manual emergency stop
  • Engine Indicators
    • Gauge board with set liquid damped pressure gauges for: fuel, lubricating oil, fresh water, starting air, and charge air.
    • On-engine thermometers for fuel, lubricating oil, fresh water, and charge air
    • Electric remote speed indicator
    • Turbocharger and remote speed indicator
    • Exhaust gas temperature indicator
  • Control
    • Manual control on engine, including: control panel with start /stop key, speed setting device, mechanical shutdown device, change over of control functions from engine to remote control
    • Starting solenoid valve on engine, 24 V DC
    • Separate electronic speed governor
  • Monitoring For Unattended Operation
    • Pressure Switches, Mounted On Engine, For:
      • Lube oil pressure at full load below danger level
      • Low lube oil pressure
      • Lube oil pressure below danger level
      • Lube oil pressure prelubrication failed
      • Low fresh water pressure at engine inlet
      • Fresh water pressure at engine inlet below danger level
      • Low fresh water pressure in LT circuit
      • Low fresh water pressure in LT circuit
      • Low control air pressure engine/shutdown air pressure
      • Low fuel pressure at engine inlet
    • Switches For:
      • High lube oil temperature at engine inlet
      • Lube oil temperature at engine inlet above danger level
      • High water temperature at engine inlet
      • Water temperature at engine outlet above danger level
      • High charge-air temperature at engine inlet
      • Detection of water in charge-air duct
      • Leak fuel level
      • Alarm contact for high differential pressure at fuel filter
      • Alarm contact for high differential pressure at lube oil back flushing filter
      • Set of thermocouples after each cylinder, before and after turbocharger
      • Crankcase oil mist detector
    • Control Cabinet With Housings For Wall Mount
      • Protection equipment designed for automatic and manual stop input signals, starting interlock input signals, monitoring for the wire break of the input signal units and the emergency shutdown solenoid
      • Start /stop logic, controlled by engine automatic start (optional)
      • Service hour counter
      • Noris alarm system, cassette type, designed for alarm inputs for the engine including exhaust mean-value monitoring equipment as well as alarm inputs for the propulsion plant
      • Group alarm panel for the bridge and with optional and acoustical alarm equipment
  • Starting Air System
    • Separate non-return valve for the starting air pipe to the engine
  • Air Intake System
    • Air intake filter, fitted on the turbocharger
    • Air bottles, separate