CTSM and CTGM Series Manual Transfer Switches

CTSM and CTGM Series Manual Transfer Switches

Some emergency power installations require multiple automatic transfer switches, each feeding a specific load. In many installations where noncritical loads are being served, specifications may call for manual or non-automatic transfer switches. This method is used because operating personnel are present and the loads are not of a critical nature requiring unattended automatic operation.

Because of the less critical function of this equipment, no specific industry requirements have been established. As a result, devices such as double throw disconnect switches have been used. Since the non-automatic transfer switches are part of the emergency power supply system, they should have the same UL 1008 electrical ratings as the automatic transfer switches feeding the more critical loads. In the event of a short circuit, the non-automatic transfer switches must have the same withstand current ratings as the automatic transfer switches and they must be as rugged and dependable.

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Technical Summary

Rating Range
Transfer Type
Open / Manual
Switch Type
Contactor Based

Standard Equipment

  • Standard Accessories
    • A - Auxiliary Contacts:
      • A3 Closed when switch is in emergency position
      • A4 Closed when switch is in normal position
    • L Indicating Led Pilot Lights:
      • L1 Indicates switch in emergency position
      • L2 Indicates switch in normal position
      • L3 Indicates normal source available
      • L4 Indicates emergency source available
    • YE Pushbutton to emergenc
    • YN Pushbutton to normal