MB Crusher

Introducing the MB Crusher Evolution 


The MB Crusher Bucket has demolished previous conceptions of processing material, as it is the most up-to-date and innovative answer to onsite crushing needs. It is a one-of-a-kind and exclusive piece of equipment that can be fitted to most excavators and has radically changed the earth-moving sector.

Suitable for both small and large work sites, the crusher bucket works by taking advantage of the hydraulic system of the excavator to which it is fitted. With four models and countless areas of application, the crusher bucket does not just crush material – it also crushes costs!

The Crusher Bucket cuts down on support equipment, transportation, and management costs, and reduces the expense of disposal of the demolition materials at the dumpsite. The cherry on top of the rubble: many of the processed materials can be reused right on site for base material.

The first of its kind on the market, MB’s Crusher Buckets are still the leaders in onsite crushing of inert material of any type. Among its areas of application are: building demolitions, requalification of former industrial and urban areas, processing of excavation materials, earth movement sector, road works, quarries, mines, environmental reclamation, and applications on rocky soil.

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Irom Separator

Available for all MB Crusher Bucket models, the iron separator is a must-have tool for easier crushing and separating of iron pieces from crushed solids. Simple to install, the iron separator comes with complete installation kit.

Screening Bucket

The new Screening Bucket allows you to reclaim demolition materials and process them quickly and efficiently. Available in three different sizes and weights, and options for different size screen patterns, the excavator-compatible MB-S Screening Bucket is perfect for processing natural materials for both the pre- and post-crushing phases, enabling a reduction on crushing costs by up to 60%.

The MB-S Screening Bucket allows you to salvage materials suited to the type of job being carried out and to manage them in the best way possible:

  • Primary selection of scrap material, demolition material, filling material for excavations, and material resulting from the reclamation of rocky soil
  • Selection of pebbles in waterways
  • Cleaning beaches
  • A crucial piece of equipment in all situations where smaller pieces need to be obtained

Universal Quick Coupling

Quick and versatile, MB’s Universal Coupling reduces excavator strain, cutting the weight in half compared to conventional couplings, and improves collective design by bringing the excavator arm closer to the tool being used. It reduces the excavator strain through a reduction of over 50% of weight compared to traditional couplings available on the market.

The Universal Coupling makes assembly operations easier, thanks to the possibility to quickly assemble the equipment on both sides (front and back). MB products can also be attached to your equipment with your current coupling system.

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