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Whenever you come across a logging operation, there’s bound to be a Cat® skidder or two on the premises. Cat skidders are designed to successfully navigate the many types of terrain found in forest environments, regardless of the logging application required.

Altorfer is your Cat skidder source in Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding areas. We offer a complete selection of reliable track and wheel skidders that will help you push forward, no matter how difficult the conditions may be.

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Move Ahead with Cat Track Skidders

Cat track skidders can successfully navigate the steepest slopes while also providing superior performance in soft or wet terrain. Flexibility is the hallmark of these skidders, as they offer the choice of numerous configurations to facilitate road building, sorting, site prep and more. The rugged Cat engines and torque converter transmission provide the power and ease of operation you need to maximize productivity, and the sturdy roller frame offers excellent balance when used in skidding applications.

You’ll also appreciate the spacious cab that is built to deliver superior comfort during the long workday, as well as the ergonomic controls designed to reduce operator fatigue. A shining example is the 527 Cat skidder, a 150 hp marvel featuring both cable and swing-boom grapple configurations that make it ideally suited for a wide range of skidding applications.

Cat Wheel Skidders Combine Power and Efficiency

Our Cat skidder inventory also includes an assortment of wheel skidders featuring a powerful and efficient drivetrain to help you increase productivity while lowering operating costs. Features include the unique Cat grapples that enable you to pick up larger loads and deliver more with each pull. As a result, you’ll keep your loads moving so you can complete the job in less time.
Caterpillar didn’t forget about safety when they created these superior logging machines; with features like machine lockouts, cab guarding and extra-large mirrors for superior visibility, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re doing all you can to protect everyone on your jobsite. Mighty machines like the 545C Cat skidder will help you save time, which ultimately saves you money.

We're the best Choice for Skidders

Altorfer will help you determine the best Cat skidder for your logging operation. We’re dedicated to helping businesses like yours by providing superior products that offer dependable solutions, regardless of the size or complexity of the task at hand. At Altorfer, we help you improve!

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