Rock Flow – Continuous Hard Rock Haulage System

Rock Flow – Continuous Hard Rock Haulage System

The innovative Cat® Rock Flow system is a new technology that radically changes the way in which ore is moved in block caving mines from draw point to crusher. Rock Flow is achieved through continuous caving, removal from the drawpoint and conveying. The Cat® Rock Flow system comprises of several components, all centrally controlled from a remote location: the Rock Feeder RF300 to remove ore from the drawpoint, the Rock Mover RM900 (a newly developed chain conveyor) to feed ore into a crusher and an automation unit to control and smooth the production process.

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Block Caving with Continuous Haulage

Block cave mining is a mass-mining technique used in many underground mines around the world. The innovative Cat® Rock Flow System - jointly developed with the Chilean mining company Codelco - greatly improves productivity by making use of continuous haulage technology as compared to the conventional use of LHD’s. The Cat Rock Flow System combines the usage of a Rock Feeder, a Rock Mover and an automation system to deliver mass mining production with improved safety and sustainability. The Rock Feeder RF300 extracts ore from the drawpoint onto the Rock Mover (Hard Rock Chain Conveyor) by a hydraulically operated push plate. The Rock Mover RM900 is a dedicated hard rock production conveyor that collects ore from various drawpoints. An automation system (featuring remote operation from surface) allows draw and quality control and records operational data.

Rock Feeder RF300


The Rock Feeder RF300 consists of a dozer and pushing cylinders designed to push the ore from the drawpoint to the hard rock production conveyor. In a reciprocating action the RF300 guarantees continuous feed. It can be quickly removed from the drawpoint at any time for maintenance or clearance work in the drawpoint.

Benefits & Features:

  • Guide rails: Low-wear and long-lasting guide rails for continuous forward/reverse movement
  • Guide bar: Easily replaceable guide bar by use of screw connections
  • Pusher: Dozer plates made of wear resistant steel
  • Pushing Device: Easy access for installation and maintenance work
  • Dozer: Quick assembly of dozer and pushing device
  • Interlocking mechanism: Easy installation into the draw point by self-moving pushing device
  • Draw control: Sensor-based monitoring of all system-based status information
  • Maintenance: Maintenance- and service-friendly access to all components
  • Hydraulics: Energy saving high-pressure hydraulics for maximum forces and minimum energy input

Rock Mover RM900


The new-type Rock Mover RM900 is a special hard rock production conveyor, specifically engineered for the difficult conditions encountered in hard rock underground mining. It is an outboard chain conveyor with a box-shaped profile, providing easy accessibility for replacement of worn parts.

Benefits & Features:

  • Line pan: Wrapped + screwed line pans support a quick and trouble-free replacement of worn parts
  • Protection: Spill plates protect motor and gear box
  • Flight bar: Wear resistant, durable and forged flight bars
  • Chain: Robust, super-flat chains with anti-klanking-mechanism (little wear), made of wear-proven, forged material for a long and durable life span
  • Longevity: All sliding surfaces equipped with wear-proven steel
  • Drive system: Variable speed drive
  • Tensioning tool: Mechanical interlocking of the tensioning unit enables a narrow pattern of the chain pretension
  • Hydraulics: Tensible return unit - powered by systems hydraulics
  • Return unit: Easy replacement of components by screw connections

Rock Feeder (RF300)

300 tonnes/h (331 tons/h)
Dimensions (L × W × H)
4300 × 2000 × 1050 mm (14.1 × 6.6 × 3.4 ft)
Dozer Plate Cylinder - Cycle Time
Dozer Plate Cylinder - Pressure - Total
Dozer Plate Cylinder - Quantity
Dozer Plate Cylinder - Stroke
300 tonnes/h (331 tons/h)
Pushing Cylinders - Pressure - Total
Pushing Cylinders - Quantity
Pushing Cylinders - Stroke
Weight - Pushing Device
Weight - Total RF300

Rock Mover (RM900)

900 tonnes/h (992 tons/h)
Drive Power
2 × 75 kW (2 × 102 hp)
Chain Length
Chain Size
42 × 146 mm (1.65 × 5.75 in)
Chain Speed
0.15 m/sec (29.5 fpm)
Conveyor Length
Hydraulic Return Unit
Option 1: Manually adjustable unpowered
Hydraulic Return Unit
Option 2: Fully activated
Pan Length
Pan Width