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Cat Motor Graders for Sale

If your construction or mining operation requires turning uneven terrain into flat, smooth surfaces as efficiently as possible, you need a motor grader that won’t let you down. Caterpillar® is a name that has been synonymous with heavy equipment reliability for decades. Altorfer is the leading source for Cat motor graders in Chicago, Illinois and northwest Indiana. Our extensive lineup of Cat graders, including mining motor graders, provide the rugged reliability to help you keep moving forward, no matter how mighty the challenge you face.

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Our Motor Grader Models:

The Cat Motor Grader Series

The Cat motor grader M Series has taken the exceptional H Series machines to new heights. Specifically designed for heavy-duty applications, such as road building and heavy construction, M Series machines like the 14M, 120M and 140M are chock full of technological innovations that have raised the bar when it comes to productivity and efficiency. The revolutionary Power Management System automatically provides an additional 5 hp boost in each gear. The unique joystick control system reduces hand and wrist movement by 78 percent while also significantly simplifying the entire operating process.

Cat graders also are built to keep operators fresh and reduce fatigue over the course of a long workday. The spacious cab design is intended to maximize comfort and ease of use, while the improved visibility provided by the angled cab doors, tapered floor and absence of control levers increases operator confidence, enabling them to be more productive.

Cat Graders for Mining

The 16H mining motor grader combines superior durability with unmatched productivity to maximize your heavy equipment dollar. Ideally suited for a wide variety of mining applications, this sturdy machine gives you 265 hp of power delivered by a Cat 3196 DITA ATAAC diesel engine. This turbocharged six-cylinder engine automatically increases horsepower in the higher gears when you need it most. The balanced hydraulics featuring a load-sensing variable displacement pump deliver the precise and consistent control you need on your mining sites.

We’re Your Local Cat Motor Grader Leader

The experienced team at Altorfer is committed to helping you find the perfect Cat motor grader that provides the optimum match between machine and application. We also offer full service and parts for your motor grader. Because it’s a Cat, your motor grader will enable you to maximize uptime and deliver more on the jobsite. By also helping you save time and money, a Cat motor grader from Altorfer will allow you to reach further than you ever thought possible.

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