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Cat Backhoe Loaders for Sale

Whether your needs call for trenching, backfilling, digging or moving materials on a construction site, nothing does it better that a Cat® backhoe. Altorfer is the leading source for Cat backhoes in the Chicago, IL-area. Businesses like yours can depend on us to help you save time and money while increasing your productivity. A Cat backhoe is just another example of a superior product and dependable solution that offers a lifetime of value, something that both Caterpillar and Altorfer has been providing to its clients for decades.

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Our Backhoe Loader Models:

There's a Cat Backhoe That's Right for Your Industry and Application

At Altorfer, you’ll find the perfect center-pivot Cat backhoe for your unique requirements. If a smaller machine is all you’re looking for, the 74 hp 416E will give you plenty of power along with a new extendible stick design for improved performance. If you’re looking for the most a Cat backhoe has to offer, the ultra-powerful 430F/430F IT features a brawny 107 hp for heavy-duty construction and other applications.

No matter if you’re considering your first Cat backhoe or are a seasoned Caterpillar veteran in Chicago, Altorfer has the machine to help you push forward.

A Cat Backhoe Gives You the Unstoppable Production You Demand

In a time when getting it done yesterday often isn’t soon enough, it’s good to know that a Cat backhoe is always up to the challenge. With features like a dynamic hydraulic system for superior precision and the rider control option that provides enhanced material retention, you’ll quickly discover that you’re not just getting the job done faster, but also with greater efficiency.

With a maximum speed of 25 mph, you won’t waste precious time when you’re moving about on the job site. The wide assortment of work tools and attachments allow you to improve the versatility, not to mention the productivity, of your machine. The Integrate Toolcarrier allows for the seamless changing of booms, blades, buckets and forks so you can get on to the next task with minimal delay.

A PowerFul Machine That Doesn't Sacrifice Comfort and Control

Days on the jobsite can be long enough, and feeling every bump and vibration can make it even longer. Cat backhoes are built for comfort, enabling you to remain fresh and productive day after day. The roomy cab includes ergonomic joystick controls and thumb-operated auxiliaries to make handling a breeze. The ride control option keeps the ride smooth, no matter how rugged the terrain gets.