June 13, 2017

National Forklift Safety Day

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National Forklift Safety Day

Forklift safety dayToday is #NationalForkliftSafetyDay. Take this opportunity to check out these tips to keep you safe while using our forklifts.

Here are a few Safety Best Practices we recommend:

  •  Always use the lift truck’s operator seat belt or restraint system.
  • Stay inside the operator compartment, and never reach into moving parts of the truck.
  • Obey all company safety rules and posted traffic signs – including speed limits.
    Keep a clear view of the path of travel.
  •  Start, stop and change directions smoothly.
  •  Sound the horn and slow down when approaching intersections, blind corners, door and ramp openings, pedestrians and other vehicles, and when backing up.
    When traveling, keep the forks in a low position that provides adequate clearance over the surfaces you will travel.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the edge of docks.
  • Never jump on or off a stationary or moving lift truck.
  • Operators should always wear the required protective clothing and equipment for your application, such as steel-toed shoes and a safety vest.
  • Ensure all operators are properly trained and certified to operate a lift truck.

Download Our Full List of Tips to Keep you Safe While Using Your Forklift