July 8, 2019

Machine Warm Up

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Quick Tip Video: Mini Hydraulic Excavator Warm Up

We have tips for pre-start checks, and now it’s time for some advice for after the machine starts. Checking your machinery at multiple points gives you the most thorough picture of the status of your machinery. Like a car in the winter or an athlete right before a game, your machinery will perform better if it’s warmed up before the work begins.


Hey, I’m Collin and this is today’s quick tip.

Today I’m going to show you how to warm up your CAT mini hydraulic excavator.

In the previous video, we talked about all of the steps to take before you start your machine.

Now that the machine is started, lower the engine speed control to the low idle setting to allow the engine to warm up.

Check your monitoring panel to ensure all systems are working properly.

Next, lower the hydraulic control console to activate the hydraulic control system.

Now you should engage and disengage the work tool controls with the engine at low idle, medium idle and high idle.

It is also recommended to cycle the hydraulic system before use.

Run the boom, bucket, stick and blade through a complete cycle to ensure that everything is working as it should.

Now you’re ready to get to work knowing that the machine is warmed up and ready to go.

As always consult your operation and maintenance manual for more information.

That was today’s quick tip.

Thanks for watching.


Completing Warm-Ups

You don’t need to a ton of time warming up your machinery — a few extra minutes can make a big difference.

The first thing to do after turning on the machine is keeping it in the low idling setting for a few moments. Let the gas move around again and let it “shake off” the resting period. After a few moments, activate the control system again.

Next, you’ll want to cycle through all three idle settings — low, medium and high. Cycle through these settings a few times to push the engine through the different ways that the machine will be working throughout the day.

After you’ve completed those cycles, use the different mechanisms at least once. Operate the arm, bucket and other parts to make sure the machine can operate each maneuver properly.

With these easy steps, you’ll feel more confident your machine is prepared for the task ahead.

Benefits of Machine Warm-Ups

Going through this warm-up gets your machinery ready for the day’s work and can also indicate any potential issues.

Finding problems before they become too serious is a huge advantage — letting a problem go unsolved for too long leads to delays in the work schedule and other added costs. Save yourself from these problems by warming up your machines before the real work starts.

These exercises also help the machinery more gradually get back into the job ahead. If you push them too hard and too fast, they can overheat and experience other problems. The routine can help get the operator’s head back into the game, too.

Training your workers to warm up the machines before starting the job helps save you time and money by ensuring the machine is working as it should. When this routine becomes second nature to the workers on your site, it brings these great benefits. And warming up your equipment shouldn’t be limited to just your mini hydraulic excavator that’s mentioned specifically in our video — you can do a similar warm-up with all of your equipment.

Trust Altorfer Cat for Any Maintenance Needs

If you notice any issues with your equipment during the warm-up, you’ll want the fix the problem as soon as possible. Working your equipment even when you think something is wrong can make the issue more pronounced and turn into a risk to your workers.

Altorfer Cat is prepared to complete any maintenance or repair on your equipment. With more 29 locations in 24 different cities and over 60 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to resolve any issues and find the best solutions.

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