XQ400A-RM (C15) Schematics


54E320 – EMCP Wiring Schematic (used on units with original control panel)

54E401 – EMCP Wiring Schematic (used on units with new control panel)

54A405 – Films Group


54A411 – Package Arrangement w/ Trailer (used on units with new control panel)

54A410 – Package Arrangement

53A226 – Battery Charger Wiring Group

53A227 – Space Heater Wiring Group

54A210 – Control Panel Mounting Group

54A216 – Load Door Mounting Group

54A217 – Base Mounting Group

54A218 – Lift Arch Mounting Group

54A219 – Enclosure Mounting Group

54A220 – Exhaust Group

54A221 – Drains Group

54A222 – Starting Battery Group

54A223 – Fumes Disposal Group

54A224 – JWH Wiring Group

54A226 – Trailer Mounting Group

54A228 – Jacket Water Heater (JWH) Mounting Group

54A350 – QuickFit Parts Kit

54A401 – Enclosure Group

54C189 – Exhaust Group

54A104 – Load Pan Mounting Group

54A105 – AC Distribution Mounting Group

54E100 – Load Board Assembly

54A108 – Load Door Mounting Group

    54A406 – Enclosure Arrangement (used on units with new control panel)

    → 54A404 – Control Panel Mounting Group

 54A403 – Load Pan Group

Caterpillar Drawings*

109-3319 – Generator Coupling Group

218-4698 – Fan Mounting Group

260-4784 – Radiator Mounting Group

264-7114 – Air Cleaner Group

285-3196 – Fuel Lines Group

308-7654 – Harness Mounting Group

* Drawings available through Caterpillar