Pipeline Equipment


As a master of the pipeline field, you look for quality performance equipment. You seek to supply your employees with equipment that can get the job done in all varieties of natural encounters. At Altorfer, we recognize that safety is your number one priority, so we work hard to provide safety conscious machines with simplified controls and features for ease of use during critical operations.

The wide range of Cat® Pipeline Products and attachments give pipeliners the power to match equipment to your production needs, site conditions, and environmental requirements. Some of our Pipeline solutions are:

  • Clearing & Grading: Prepare your working surface for the heavy construction equipment that follows when you use Track-Type Tractors, Hydraulic Excavators and Motor Graders with the versatility and flexibility to remove trees, rocks or any other forms of debris.
  • Ditching: Use a Cat Hydraulic Excavator to dig the ditch for the pipeline. Our Excavators are built to take on even the toughest pipeline applications with the ability to reach and move around in the most complex areas.
  • Stringing: Caterpillar Pipelayers and Hydraulic Excavators deliver on high balance and stability for high production stringing.
  • Road Bores: Built for demanding work, Cat Pipelayers and Hydraulic Excavators simplify digging ditches and layering pipes at any heavy traffic construction site.
  • Pipe Bending: Our Cat machines use high lifting capacity and travel speed to bend pipes quickly and efficiently.
  • Welding: Cat Pipelayers and Track-Type Tractors carry welding equipment to ensure that you have all the support you need when welding pipe together into one continuous length.
  • Coating: Whatever your coating needs are, use Cat Pipelayers and Track-Type Tractors to carry heat induction bands, sandblasting equipment, spray machines and more.
  • Lowering In: Caterpillar Pipelayers are purpose-built for your lowering in needs and are designed to be durable and to deliver low operating costs.
  • Backfilling: Once the pipe has been placed in the ditch, the ditch can be backfilled using one of our Track-Type Tractors or Hydraulic Excavators that are engineered to supply maximum performance and increase productivity.
  • Cleanup & Restoration: The finishing step in the construction process is restoring the land to its original state. To get the job done, Cat machines and attachments including Motor Graders, Track-Type Tractors, and Hydraulic Excavators can be used to restore the land and control erosion.


Turn your Cat machines into multipurpose workhorses when you take advantage of the Cat Work Tools and Attachments that are available. From hydraulic hammers to jib attachments, the combination of work tools with a powerful Caterpillar machine will help you increase your productivity.