Located in Knoxville, Iowa, Weiler manufactures equipment for the paving market. Weiler products are based on proven designs that have a successful track record in the field. Weiler works closely with contractors to ensure their products provide the features required to complete projects in a timely and efficient manner.

Weiler is a cutting-edge manufacturer with 76,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The facility includes a customized Mazak® large-bed laser plate cutter, CNC press brakes and lathes, powder and wet finish paint booths, extensive tooling shops, fully equipped welding areas and cutting-edge fabrication centers.

The base designs for Weiler’s self-propelled road wideners and asphalt windrow elevators were created by Barber-Greene, a company that was purchased by Caterpillar® in the early 1990s. Weiler purchased the designs from Cat in 2005 and established the Weiler brand name. Since then, they have made updates based on input from customers and introduced extensions to both lines. Weiler’s mission is to continue to invest in improvements and fill other needs in the paving market.


The P385 is built to last. Replaceable floor plates and many other replaceable wear items allow this paver to be rebuilt to like new after years of use. It is built like a highway class paver in a small maneuverable package.

The P385 has the largest tracks in its class and true 8-inch stroke hydraulic towpoint cylinders. The P385 boasts a direct drive 140 mm track with enhanced performance poly pads. The screed comes standard with electric heat, angle of attack adjusters on the extensions, extender height adjusters and even manual slope adjustment (optional powered slope). It is capable of 8-foot to 15’8-foot paving widths all with a single slide point that uses two 2-3/4-inch diameter slide tubes for an extremely rigid and stable extension.


Designed for non-contact, non-stop paving systems where storage is a necessity. The E2850 boasts hydraulically operated clean out doors on the dump hopper, storage hopper and rear conveyor to simplify the clean out process. Utilization of high torque direct drive motors with loop flush cooling system located on the two conveyors and elevator reduce heat stress within the hydraulic system for long days of operation. Optional rear steer feature provides tightest turning radius in class and optimal visibility when coupled with hydraulically shifting operator’s platform.


The W530 self-propelled road widener, with its 114-hp engine, is capable of widening roads from one to 10 feet with a working depth ranging from 12 inches above grade to 12 inches below grade. This unit has many of the same features and components as its larger counter part the W730. Even though it has the same big widener features as the W730, it can easily be put into a transport configuration of 120″ wide.

The large-capacity receiving hopper has a 9-foot 4-inch opening with a hydraulic dump lip for cleanout after each truck load to help reduce hand work. The chain-driven belt provides a positive drive and keeps the belt straight in line. This heavy-duty, self-propelled road widener is designed to handle a variety of widening applications and materials.

Road Wideners for Any Project

Altorfer Inc. now offers Weiler’s smooth-ride windrow elevators with 114-horsepower engines; the 250-horsepower, self-propelled remixing transfer vehicles; and, four different road widener models, capable of shoulders as narrow as six feet or as wide as 14 feet. If you are interested in Weiler equipment, please contact us today or visit their website below.

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