Landscaping Industry Equipment    


For Your Green Business, Yellow is What You Need

Altorfer Cat is available to help your business stay on track by providing innovative equipment solutions that exceed industry standards. As a landscape management contractor, you realize the importance of customer satisfaction. When you’re searching for ways to expand your service offering and increase efficiency, you can count on Altorfer Cat to provide the solutions you need to succeed.

From residential and commercial landscaping to nurseries, find the right Cat® equipment for your applications.

Some of Our Landscaping Equipment Solutions: 

  • Design and Build: Cat machines give you the power and maneuverability to take on the toughest hardscaping jobs, like installing patio pavers, sidewalks, driveways and retaining walls
  • Irrigation: Whether you are trenching, backfilling or smoothing out a surface, Altorfer Cat has the equipment to ensure that you do your job most efficiently without any property damage
  • Soil Preparation: Cat machines and work tool attachments speed up soil preparation to create a solid foundation for all your landscaping projects
  • Sod Installation: Lay more sod in less time when you prep soil quickly and efficiently with industry-leading Cat equipment and Cat work tools
  • Tree Installation and Nursery: Reduce unnecessary manual labor when you use Cat equipment and work tool attachments to load, carry, prep or clean up trees and shrubs

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