February 7, 2019

Daily Cab Routine

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Quick Tip Video: Daily Cab Routine for Operator Safety and Comfort

There’s nothing as crucial to the proper operation of quality Caterpillar® equipment as operator safety, comfort and awareness. When operating equipment such as the all-new Cat® D Series Skid Steer Loader, you want to protect your investment while still getting a good day’s work out of the machine. That’s why striking the right balance begins with implementing a daily cab routine that puts you in the right position to fully control the machine and be aware of your surroundings.

Before starting another day on a worksite, it’s advisable to view the following video and make this cab checklist part of your daily routine. In this quick tip video, a representative from Caterpillar explains the appropriate steps to take in order set yourself up safely in the operator’s seat with full control of the machine.


Hey, this is Dave with today’s quick tip.

Here are a few pointers to keep you safe and comfortable while you operate.

Before entering your cab, make sure your backup camera is clear of debris.

Upon entering the cab, fasten your seatbelt and lower your lap bars.

Next, adjust your air ride seat to ensure you have a direct line of site to both sides of your attachment and a clear view of your rearview mirror.

Next, let your arms rest naturally at your sides.

Then adjust your control pods to that position.

Finally, use your in cab display to ensure your backup camera is working properly.

Doing these few things every day will keep you safe, comfortable and aware of your surroundings.

That was today’s quick tip, thanks for watching.


Make a Cab Checklist Part of Your Daily Routine

This instructional video can serve as a training video for new operators or as part of a refresher course for more experienced personnel. It reviews a daily cab routine every operator should complete before beginning operation of any machine.

For those operating machinery that comes equipped with an optional rearview camera, the video reminds operators to first check the rear of the machine to ensure the camera’s lens is not blocked or obstructed by dirt or debris.

Once in the cab, the video demonstrates how you should fasten your seatbelt, adjust your seat and check your rearview mirror in order to establish a clear line of sight out of your machine and its surroundings. In addition, for safe skid steer operation, the arm bars must be lowered and control pods should be adjusted so your arms can reach them comfortably while resting naturally at your sides.

To maximize viewing capabilities around the worksite, the video also reminds those operators with rearview cameras to check that their cab displays are working properly.

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