Construction Technology


What keeps you awake at night? Missed production goals or cost overruns? Too much rework or too many near-misses? Turn your challenges into opportunities with Cat® Connect—an intelligent suite of hardware, software and services. Think of it as a toolkit to help you run a more profitable operation. Choose from tools that help you boost efficiency, improve safety, save time and money—or all of the above.


  • Do More Every Day: Get more done without sacrificing quality or profits. Grade more efficiently, gain productivity, load more accurately and achieve compaction levels in fewer passes.
  • Make More Money: Drive down costs by minimizing wastes, errors, idle time, wear, equipment damage and more!
  • Get More From Every Operator: Empower your operators to do more work, quickly and accurately.
  • Work More Safely: Cat Connect helps you move people out of harm’s way, keep operators focused on their work and prevent unauthorized equipment use.

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Construction Technology

Taking Productivity To The Next Level

The right machine and operator can make a big difference in your productivity, but even with the best machines and the best operators, technology solutions can take your productivity and efficiency to unprecedented levels. Technologies like grade control, site positioning, payload monitoring, & asset tracking monitoring enable your operators—and your entire operation—to achieve more accurate results, using fewer machines, in less time than was previously possible.