Training & Development


In order for our company to grow and succeed, it’s important we provide a positive and supportive environment for career development. From opportunities to learn new skills to gaining valuable hands-on experience, we’re focused on providing everything you need to produce top quality work that leaves our customers completely satisfied.

Our employees are encouraged to continually sharpen skills and broaden capabilities by participating in the following types of educational formats:

  • Advanced training from qualified technical instructors
  • Clearly defined position titles and descriptions to aid in job targeting and career advancement
  • Continuing education and instruction in workplace and product safety
  • DPC-online learning, in-classroom and on-site instruction
  • Mentorship and career apprentice programs
  • Personalized employee development through an individual learning plan (ILP) for mastering current roles and opening paths toward career advancement
  • Ongoing training in leadership and competency
  • Online Caterpillar® sales, technical and soft skills training resources
  • Rotating developmental career progression program
  • Workshops focused on improving communication and customer facing skill sets

Applying for a position with Altorfer Cat is the first step in a long, rewarding journey toward professional and personal growth. Contact our team for more information today.