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Snow Removal Equipment

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When snowfall piles up along door fronts, parking lots and nearby sidewalks, it’s important to have equipment on hand with the power to shovel away the obstructions. With snow removal equipment, you don’t have to wait for often-overworked city crews to come into your neighborhood and do the job for you. If you operate in a remote area, snow plows and similar removal equipment can easily help you handle a problem that could otherwise take weeks to melt away naturally.

Throughout the landscaping sector, Cat® machines are highly respected for their rugged performance abilities, which can take on the toughest of winter conditions. With an array of unique features — creep control, ride control, dual-self level, etc. — Cat machines have the strength to perform heavy-duty tasks in all kinds of weather. In the cold and often icy conditions of winter, road maintenance and construction crews get maximum efficiency and productivity with the following Cat machines:


At Altorfer, we offer compact snow removal equipment for sale as well as for rent. Check out our catalog for backhoes, blades, buckets and other snow plow equipment.

Propane Enclosures

If you work with propane on your property or work site, you can keep the environment safer with the presence of an enclosure, which will contain the noxious effects of the gas and drastically reduce the possibility of nearby flammables igniting.

Woven Reinforced Clear Poly Sheeting

Woven Reinforced Poly is a coated woven tarpaulin sheeting manufactured from high strength polyethylene. The woven sheeting is finished with a weather resistant coating and UV treatment for maximum life expectancy. Woven poly is commonly used to cover equipment, dirt, temporary enclosure, construction weather wrap, containment or ground covers. Woven poly may be installed vertically using scaffold wind clips, bungee ties, tie wire, wood furring strips or fastening directly to a building or structure. All woven poly rolls are tightly packaged into clear poly bag, and boxed with branded labels for easy shipping and handling. Eagle’s woven poly sheeting is tested and approved to meet today’s industrial and construction standards.

• Temporary building enclosures
• Construction wrap
• Weather enclosure
• Abatement covers
• Containment covers
• Ground cover & underlayment
• Temporary heating enclosure
• Demolition, dust & debris control

High Visibility Winter Clothing

High visibility reflective winter clothing is designed to protected you from the harsh cold and outdoor elements so you can stay warm and focus on your work. Choose from bomber jackets, parkas, long coats, knit caps, face masks and gloves. Our large inventory of high visibility winter jackets, sweatshirts, hats and gloves are offered in many color variations and different styles. Don’t get left out in the cold this year; visit your nearest Altorfer Rents location to check out our complete inventory of reflective high visibility winter clothing.

Safe Step Ice Melter

A high-quality blend that works as hard as you do. Scientifically formulated for maximum melting power. Utilizes an exclusive blending process, not just a simple blend. Melts ice down to 0° F. A quality and consistent melt for long walkways or large surfaces. Won’t harden or clump; provides unlimited shelf life. The ice melter resists refreezing so fewer applications are required.

Indirect-fired and Direct-fired Construction Heaters

With an indirect heating unit in your workspace, you can eliminate the lingering mist of combustion products and all their ill effects. You can also conserve energy with indirect heating, since there’s no need for ventilation with such units.

That said, today’s direct-fired heating units are rugged and clean-burning. Matched with portability and efficiency, direct heating units are convenient for the most demanding wintertime worksite tasks.


Power System — Backup Generators

Across the business, industrial and health care sectors, nonstop electrical power is essential. If a power outage occurs at a hospital, for instance, lives could be at stake. Likewise, a power outage at a factory could halt production and lead to huge profit losses. Therefore, it’s vital to have a backup generator at your facility to ensure power never goes out. Generators are especially important during wintertime, when ice, blizzards and snowstorms often knock down power lines.

Rental Power Generators

You can also rent a diesel power generator in preparation for an expected power loss, such as when a storm is forecast in your area. Moreover, if you need energy temporarily at a location where no power source exists, a rental generator can facilitate a vast range of functions, from special events to heavy-duty projects. During the winter months, a rental generator can be especially useful for the following purposes:

  • Television — when you need footage in remote areas without power, or where power has been disabled
  • Pressing plants — when operations must continue, despite the occurrence of a local or regional blackout
  • Temporary towers — when a makeshift cellular tower needs power
  • Home or building construction — before the electrical circuitry of a building is even set up
  • Mines and quarries — to bring light and heat in newly excavated parts of the earth


When it comes to eco-friendly, fuel-efficient emergency power generators, Cat models are second to none. Designed to fulfill worldwide emissions standards, Cat generators are EPA-certified for use in emergency situations. Built in an array of sizes, Cat generators can also be configured to the needs of an application. Whether you run a commercial business or an industrial facility, get your premises prepared for ice and snow storms before the winter begins. Contact Altorfer for power generator units, repairs and events rentals.

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With 23 locations spanning Illinois, eastern Iowa and northeast Missouri, Altorfer is the Midwest’s go-to source for Cat winter machines and equipment. Since 1957, we’ve offered heavy-duty equipment of various sizes to customers throughout the industrial and commercial sectors. Staffed with a highly trained team of experts, we offer flexible financing and delivery on our large selection of winter products. Contact Altorfer for your winter solution needs.

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