Cat Trial #9: Pac-Man


PAC-MAN is iconic; one of the most famous video games ever developed. And Caterpillar is bringing it back center stage, 40 years after its release, as only the Cat Trials can: at a scale of epic proportions! The Cat Trial #9 puts Pac-Man and the ghosts back on the board. It brings the virtual world into a live action version of the popular video game.

The goal is simple: gobble up all the pellets before the ghosts can get you. The classic, electronic chase scene features some unique power pellets and bonuses that only Altorfer can provide. So, you’re watching so much more than a reimagined version of the game; it highlights the technology, the versatility, the agility and the power you demand in the real world.


What does it take to recreate an iconic video gameboard in the dirt? Find out in our behind-the-scenes look at The Cat Trial #9:PAC-MAN™. Hear from the people who made the life-sized PAC-MAN™ game a reality — from concept, to storyboard, to machines in the dirt. And see the machines in action, including Cat Next Gen Excavators with Cat Grade 3D, Mini Excavators with Tilt Rotating attachments, as well as wheel loaders, dozers, motor graders, skid steers and compactors.


Winning PAC-MAN™ means having fun clearing the board. But playing this version took some real skills to navigate the board and power up with Cat Services — from Cat Customer Value Agreements, to repair options, to the Cat App and financing options from Cat Financial. Meet the people and players behind The Cat Trial 9:PAC-MAN™ and what it took to play this iconic game.


Watch a time lapse video of a life-sized version of the iconic PAC-MAN™ game board being built out of dirt. Our skilled operators used the latest Cat machines, attachments and technology — including Next Gen Excavators with Cat Grade 3D and Mini Excavators with new Tilt Rotating attachments.


Connect with us on our Altorfer Cat social media accounts. Throughout the month, we’ll be releasing behind the scenes footage.

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