Blowout Deals on Select Sunflower Equipment

Get blowout deals on select Sunflower equipment

If you’re serious about yield, we have a serious deal for you. For a limited time, stop into Altorfer Ag Products and get huge savings on these select Sunflower units!

6630_26630 Vertical Tillage System
Payments as low as $8,500 per year*
The most unique blade in the industry cuts through tough residue and hard, cold or wet soils so you can start planting up to 10 days earlier in the spring.
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4610_4610 Disc Ripper
Payments as low as $6,101 per year*
With three different finishing harrow options, the 4610 disc ripper can be tailored to handle virtually any soil type and cropping condition in North America.
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4630 Disc Ripper
Payments as low as $10,228 per year*
Available in working widths from up to 26′ with 13 parabolic spring-reset shanks, the 4630 disc ripper boasts the largest flexible frame in the industry.


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