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Altorfer Rental Equipment Meets High Expectations

Scanned DocumentA Genie S-65 telescopic boom lift was one of the many Genie brand lifts that worked on nearly every facet of construction for the $37.5-million, 48,000-sq.-ft. Caterpillar Visitors Center in Peoria, Illinois.

The facility spotlights the history, product development, and manufacturing strength of heavy-equipment maker Caterpillar Inc., and even includes a full-sized replica of a 400-ton mining truck that doubles as a 62-seat theater.

The project’s general contractor, River City Construction (RCC), East Peoria, Illinois. relied on several Genie lifts to position construction tradespeople working at height. RCC project manager Kevin Beal said, “We handled all the structural concrete formwork, all the concrete flatwork, and a good deal of the interior carpentry, as well.”

The concrete elevator shafts and stairwells were constructed using a gang-forming system, and having access to its formwork was vital to RCC. “Because of the tight space, only the lifts could provide that access, so we always had at least a couple of Genie units, most often S-65 and S-85 telescoping booms, on site at one time,” said Beal.

Most of the Genie equipment came from The Cat Rental Store/ Altorfer Rents, East Peoria, Ill., a long-standing supplier that has served RCC for more than 15 years.

At one point, the piping and sprinkler subcontractor needed a lightweight lift that could work from a low-load floor and still raise two people, tools, and materials to a ceiling nearly 40 ft. high. Altorfer didn’t have one in its fleet, but located a Genie DPL-35S push-around lift that met the reach and floor- load requirements. Altorfer then drove a four-hour round trip to Chicago to get it and bring it to the Peoria project site.

(Source: November-December 2013 of Lift and Access.)